Who could have thought a self proclaimed godman with a 10,000 crore empire and millions of followers would be brought down by a common family with no money or power.

Asaram Bapu convicted

It wouldn’t have been possible without Ajay Pal Lamba, a senior police officer in Rajasthan who led the investigation which led to conviction of Asaram Bapu despite getting over 2000 death threats from his followers.

Ajay Pal Lamba who led Asaram Bapu Case
“We had absolutely no clue about the whereabouts of Asaram. Still we sent a team with five police officers and six commandos to his ashram in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Simultaneously, we held a press conference in Jodhpur to bluff that he was on our radar. This irked Asaram and he suddenly appeared at Bhopal airport in the afternoon of August 31, 2013. We shared the info with the media persons, who started chasing him. Asaram, without knowing about our team’s presence in the city, reached his Indore Ashram,” he told Times of India.

Ajay Pal Lamba who led Asaram Bapu Case

Ajay Lamba arrested the Godman in 2013 when millions of followers were ready to die for him. He explained the difficulty during this investigation while speaking to Hindustan Times. “The letters carried abuses and even threats, stating that my family members would be killed if anything happened to Asaram. My phone did not stop ringing. The letters stopped only when I shifted to Udaipur,” he told Hindustan Times.

He also posted this on his Facebook after the verdict:

“Finally truth prevailed. Justice delivered in Asharam Bapu case with the conviction of accused Asharam in a case of sexual assault on a minor girl during the night of Independence Day of 2013. Judgment is a landmark in criminal jurisprudence in the country. It is heartening to witness that if the law of land is implemented impartially, then even weakest can afford to take on the might of most influential person like Asharam. Kudos to the whole team who was associated with me in taking this case to its logical conclusion in the most efficient and professional manner despite all odds. Thanks to colleagues, seniors and all members of the team whose support meant a lot for me in the entire phase of this case. My gratitude to all well-wishers who stand for the cause directly or indirectly by contributing in own ways. Thanks to one and all. God bless the victim and family. Jai Hind….”

You go sir! in a country torn by corruption, you keep our faith alive.