There Was A “Nothing To Hide” Category At Star Screen Awards

Just last week they awarded Golmaal Again the “best movie of the year” and Varun Dhawan the “best actor of the year” at Zee Cine Awards. But Indian award shows never cease to surprise you. If you also didn’t have any plans last night and watched Star Screen Awards with your parents, you’d know that level of stupidity peaked when they introduced a new award category called “Nothing To Hide.”

It’s almost like they are not even TRYING to make an effort to come up with new categories anymore.

Even Kriti Sanon couldn’t keep a straight face while accepting the award.

While some people are still trying to decode what exactly this award is for, others are busy making jokes on it. Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:








To break the suspense, “Nothing to hide” award is apparently for those celebrities who share their personal life with their fans on social media and keep them updated on everything. Hence, the name.. er, nothing to hide? I don’t even know. God bless Indian television.

There Was A “Nothing To Hide” Category At Star Screen Awards

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