Smarty pants jo bachpan mei ma’am ke ekdum ghatiya jokes pe bhi Daya Ben type haste just so unhe extra marks mil jaye are now laughing at their boss ke lame-o jokes expecting a salary hike, have mastered the journey from being a teacher’s pet to being a chaatu max pro!


But it doesn’t work in 2020! here’s how you can avoid that chaatu behavior that we have been conditioned to since bachpan 🙂

Insaan ho ya Noddy??


Yes, body language is a crucial factor in social interactions that shows your interests in a meeting, lecture or interview. But some people have the habit of nodding continuously in order to show they are very actively listening to each and every word. But does every word even need a nod? DOES IT???? INSAAN HO YA NODDY?


Buttering Max Pro – No


A chaatu definitely has a PhD in makhan maarna and quite often you also find them Ne throwing around statements that come under this category. But jis field mein tum ab aaye ho us field mei tumhare teacher mi yaan boss kaafi time se hain ok? it only works on Michael Scott.

Also, jitna time buttering mei lagate ho, if you invest half that time in learning new skills or upGrad-ing them, you wouldn’t need to in the first place. :))


Importance of NO


Something that chaatus don’t know at all. Boss ne bola karne ka toh karna is not gonna work all the time. Stand up to things that you feel are totally wrong or decisions that might affect in a negative way. Bhai ne bola karneka toh kabhi mana karneka

Constructive feedback is a really important thing and superiors in any field appreciate ONLY if it’s given in a decent manner. Disagreement might seem like a risky thing to do, but if you are dil se working for somethir you find a way to deliver it properly.


Use Yes Wisely


This is a simple three letter word but just like sorry, if it is said many times, it loses its value. And chaatus seem to be having sacks full of this word.

Listen to things attentively and only agree to what makes sense to you, if you want to add something to the ongoing discussion that will be valuable then speak that out. Don’t be a part of ‘yes sir, yes mam, yes yess, okok herd, tbh it doesn’t even counts as participation now.


No lies


Joey filled up a thousand skills on his resume and we all know how he struggled with coming to terms with that. Just to escape the moment thinking ‘inhe kya hi pata chalega’ don’t lie about things that you know will be tough to deal with or might cause you the “repo” you have built. Coming up with excuses is a diff thing, that is a survival skill but lying about how you 5 languages including Mandarin bhut bura bhaari padega if your boss comes up with a chinese toy ka instruction guide to read for your kids then (knife)


Don’t always smile & wave bois!


Don’t be the person who has a smile plastered on their face all the time. Aas paas ke normally dukhi logon ko dil se bura lagta hai bhai. Smiling at your professor or boss LITERALLY every time they pass you or just randomly wavin to them also makes no sense at all? Like kaam pe dhyaan do na, has kya rahe ho yaar?


Santa Claus ho?


Agar tum aur tumhare baap ke paas itna hi paisa hai ki tum apne teachers yaan boss ko ache se gifts de sakte ho that’s noice but then if you expect grace marks or incentives milenge. Then that paisa is a total waste. These gifts might take you up on the ladder you are trying to climb only once but again and again it is not gonna work.

Rather spend that money in learning new skills, classes, or buying things of your passion. again insaan ho, santa claus thodi na ho.



Agar life ya career mei actually aage badhna hai toh chaatne se zyada aage badhne ke kaabil bano. If there’s anything Tony Stark has taught us, it’s that knowledge is a superpower and you should never stop mi learning or working on your skills.

Improvise. Upskill. And overcome donkey bootlicking and hey while we are at, upgrad has got all this kaafi figured out for you.