Let me guess, you probably have an important project at work coming up soon, or maybe you have your internal exams starting next week but instead you find yourself stalking your bestfriend’s classmate’s crush’s girlfriend’s cousin’s dog’s 3 year old photos on Instagram. Well, well,haven’t we all been there! procrastination is everyone’s best friend and worst enemy.


But don’t worry, we gotchu. We have compiled some of the most ninja techniques you can use to productively procrastinate work on the internet. Keyword: productively. So, let’s get to it!

1. Binge-watch Vsauce, AsapScience, Veritasium and other science channels on Youtube.


Not only their videos are effin’ interesting and binge-able, but they are also very educational. You’ll definitely gonna learn so much new stuff. Next time someone asks how many joined humans would it take to reach to Mars, we know who’s gonna know it!


2. Make a bucket-list on Bucketlist.org


In addition to making your own bucket-list, you can see what other people are adding and ticking-off of their bucket lists. A great way to plan for your post-exam relaxation.


3. Explore r/AskReddit/

If you don’t know, AskReddit is a place where people ask and answer really cool and interesting questions. Whenever I’ve work I always make it a point to visit it and damn it’s interesting. Not only it’s hilarious, but you also get to learn so much new stuff. Really recommend it.

4. Play Pokerbaazi online.


Tbh playing it with family on Diwali night is super fun, but if you’re up for a professional money-making technique of procrastination, you’re gonna love playing it with poker-maniacs online. It’s a legit Indian website that works under the protocols laid down by the government.

They have The MoneyMaker offer coming up soon that will give your dreams wings. It’s here on 1st October 2017 at 9 PM. You can play daily satellites to India’s biggest online tournament by investing just Rs 10 and reserve your seat in the grand event. Tickets are also available in just 5000 Baazi Coins on the Baazi VIP Store. You can learn more: here



5. Procrastinator.com

Just. Open. The. Website. And. Have. Fun. Procrastinating.



I stumbled upon it on a Buzzfeed article, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s a great website to procrastinate work. And at the end of the day you’ve trained your brain to read faster.


7. Play Fantasy Premiere League


So wait are you saying that I get to procrastinate by playing fantasy premiere league AND get a chance to win great effin’ prizes for it? hell yeah I’m in!


8. PointerPointer.com

I have literally no idea why this website exists but I like it. Not really productive but you deserve some fun, random human.

9. Learn how to cook that

Learn to cool delicious food while procrastinating? perfect.


10. TheQuietPlaceProject.com

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the work you have, visit this site and calm the ef down. You deserve peace. 🙂

11. Scroll through memes all day!

Follow different pages on different social networking sites and apps for the full taste of memes. Or just get on 9GAG.

12. Play Chess on Chess.com

Don’t get all “Oh no Chess is only fun when you’re playing it in the real world” The best way to play Chess online is with a million chess maniacs. Hands down, it’s my favorite and most productive way of procrastination.

13. flightradar24.com

This weird af website lets you watch and “spy” on all the planes flying in the world right now. You can sit back and just… watch. Productive, right?

14. Explore Humans of New York Page

It’s literally the nicest and warmest place on the internet. People are so compassionate it’s unreal. Whenever you’re feeling a little down about life, it’s a must visit place. Not only the posts are so good, but the comments section is also great! Brandon has certainly created something magical.

15. Binge-watch Ted Talks

If you’re actually serious about being productive, there’s no better way to do it than by watching Ted Talks. They are super motivational and personally, they have gotten me through some rough time. Don’t miss.

Happy procrastinating, y’all.

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