MHRD released the new National Education Policy yesterday and this 2020 draft of NEP will have you saying “humne kya aise paap kiye the apne time mei?”



  • The old 10+2 system to be finally replaced with 5+3+3+4 structure. This will make the curriculum more inclusive & learner-centered 🙂

-5 years of foundation stage (up to class 2)

-3 years of preparatory stage ( classes 3 to 5)

-3 years of middle stage (classes 6 to 8)

-4 years of secondary stage (classes 9 to 12)


  • Exams will be held only for Classes 3, 5, & 8. Boards will continue as they are, but will be redesigned gradually!


  • Schools won’t have rigid division of streams like arts, commerce & science anymore!

Which means no more gang wars between science wale and commerce wale. Students would instead get more flexible subject choices. They will choose to study whatever subjects they want because suno meri baat, it’s their choice.

Agar bhai ko physics ke saath fashion designing ya psychology padhni hai, toh woh padhega. Because bhai ne bola padhne ka toh padhne ka.


  • Curriculum is also getting a huge makeover. It will be reduced, & made relevant to today’s time. Basically, all the unnecessary topics will be cut down!


  • Technology will be extensively used in teaching. And coding will be introduced at class 6. That’s actually pretty cool!


  • And mother tongue/regional language will be used as medium of instruction upto 5th class.
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  • “By 2025, at least 50% of learners through the school and higher education system shall have exposure to vocational education.” It basically means students would get a chance for internship even at school level & get mentored by local experts in the field.


  • Students will also get a more 360 degree holistic Report Cards which will not only inform marks obtained, but also skills & other important points. Ab Sharma ji ke bete se skills ke liye bhi compare kiya jayega kya???


  • CBSE, NCERT and NCTE are three regulatory heads of education in India, now all of these will be replaced by a SINGLE regulator for higher education: Higher Education Council of India (HECI).  Aur behti ganga mei haath dhote hue MHRD is now renamed as the Ministry of Education


  • What for colleges? 9 words for ya! Multiple Entry And Exit, Credit Storage And Credit Transfer!

After first year, you’d get a certificate, after 2nd year, you’d be eligible for a diploma & after 3rd or 4th year you’d get degree & in between if for some reason you wanna drop out, your credits of semester done will be stored in Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) and those credits can be used for further education. So yeah, if you drop out, efforts made till then are not gonna go to waste. This is nice.


  • All the big educational institutions (like IITs) will have to make provisions for Multi-disciplinary education by 2040 and the courses will have an option of Majors and Minors. Anyone doing majors in physics can also take up their interest in music, fashion designing etc as their minor subjects and learn those skills as well professionally.


  • And by 2030. every institute would have to provide the option distance/online learning.


  • Investment in education will be raised from 4.43% of GDP to 6%. Apun ko aur maangta tha, but it’s still a win.


  • “High performing Indian universities will be encouraged to set up campuses in other countries. Selected universities like those from among the top 100 universities in the world will be facilitated to operate in India.” DAYUMN.


  • Also, the move isn’t effective immediately. All of these measure to be completed by 2030.

With this announcement, inhone toh  waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye, education badal di.


But I see this as an absolute win! 🙂