Netflix went all out with #AdFreeDiwali by turning our favorite TV shows into clichéd ads of the most common things around. Adding more shows to the party, here are some thoughts for more of those Netflix’s ‘Make Diwali Ads Great Again’.

rickk from rick and morty

Ice Powder


Jab 2020 ki anxiety sataaye, paseene se jacket geeli ho jaaye. Aur case pe case se bhar jaaye, par dad- I mean, boss phir bhi na muskuraye… Tab take a break with *insert product name* for instant taazgi this diwali.

Thanda thanda coool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool


CCTV Cameras


Kya aapko bhi lagta hai ki aap akele hain magar fir bhi akele nahi hain? Toh aaj hi lagvaaiye apne ghar mei *brand name* ke extra zoomable and advance audible CCTV camera.

Rakhiye pal pal ki khabar.


Digestive Tablets


When it’s adventure time to explore he multiverse but diwali party ke baad aapko acidity ki jalan sataye, try *insert product name* & get boozy burps in no time

kaam shuru bas 2 sec mei.


Smart LED Lights


Diwali pe apno se dur, apne hi ghar pe akela mehsoon hota hai. Magar jab dil se connection jude ho toh upside duniya se bhi avaaz aati hai. Is Diwali ghar laaiye * insert brand name* smart LED lights. Bhar do drawing room ki deeware fir roshni ke rangon se.

Lighting up the messages of your will’s desire, here’s Wires that don’t catch fire!


Potato Chips


If you wanna write in your secret diary with your left hand and eat a potato chip with right hand, try *insert brand name*

Make your every crunch EPIC!


Electric Bat


Diwali ke time macchar saataye? le aaye *insert brand name* high tech electric bat and electrocute that macchar to bits because you’re not in danger, you are the danger!


Smart Al Assistant


Hey there! Chaahe karne ho jungle mei safaari yaa mushkil board exam ki taiyaari. There is nothing that our next gen ultra tech Al Robot can’t do! ghar le aaye is Diwali.

*insert product name* play ganesh ji ki aarti!


IELTS Coaching Classes


If you also wanna learn how to say fooking instead of fucking, subscribe to *insert brand name* IELTS classes today and avail a 40% discount this diwali!


Online Motel


Kya aapne kabhi online motel book kiya hai? Aaj hi login kijiye *insert brand name here* ki website pe and find your ideal motel at the Diwali discounts!

Motel? only Schitts Creek!