Why We All Need A Friend Like Hermione In Our Life

If I could have one fictional character as my irl friend, there’s literally no doubt I’d choose Hermione Jean Granger. She’s intelligent, brave, smart, funny and most of all, she’s the most caring friend you could ever hope for, who will stick with you forever no matter how bad things get. Luckily, most of us have a Hermione for a friend and we don’t even realize it.



You really appreciate their existence and shower them with compliments all the time.


But they just don’t quite know how to take compliments.


Sure, they’ll get mad at you sometimes but they never let petty differences screw your friendship.

You’re so close with them that almost everyone thinks you guys are in a romantic relationship and it’s annoying. Does the word platonic make sense to you?


They don’t have many friends because they literally hate everyone.


They have a solution for literally everything. Life problem? *raises hand* Relationship problem? *Raises hand* Math problem? *raises hand*


They just always know what to say to make you feel better.

All your friends think that something is seriously ron with them.. and that’s kinda true.


It’s their duty to keep you down-to-earth and drop truth bombs every once in a while & tell you how stupid you actually are.


They don’t take a shit from anybody. I repeat, ANYBODY.


When you HAVE TO attend an immensely boring event, but they volunteer to go with you anyway.


They are more excited about your achievements than you are, whether you just fought a dragon or cooked a new food item, their enthusiasm stays the same.


Life will not always be rainbows and butterflies, but it’s good to know they will always be by your side.


On second thought, most of us don’t have a friend like Hermione, but if all this reminds you of certain someone, you’re lucky to have them.

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