Cheap Thrills by Sia has taken India by a storm.


In case you missed that viral video of three girls dancing to Cheap Thrills at a beach:

In the video, we have Tanya Chamoli, with Mokshda and Harshita. They decided to choreograph the whole song and perform it at a beach in Mumbai.

Giving those girls a serious competition (or not), now we have two guys dancing to Cheap Thrills in Delhi Metro.


“Agla station Rajiv Chowk hai, darwaze dai taraf khulengey, kripaya shaant baithe and sasti masti ka anand le.”


It’s really funny that Indians can do Nagin dance to almost every song ever



Just look at them having the time of their life. Only if I could have half as much confidence as them. It’s certain that Cheap Thrills has taken India by a storm. If you have a video dancing to it, you can mail us!



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