We all need some amazing entertainment these days. So here we bring you some amazing movies that will make you feel like you never went out of content:



Green Room (2015)

Movie: Green Room (2015)

A bunch of friends are hiding inside a room. If they open it, they die. Pure din ki anxiety ek bar mei ajayegi. Pis watch it. Vvv underrated.


The Guilty (2018)

Movie: The Guilty (2018)

This Danish film is literally just one man talking over the phone in a room. Thats it. And it’s a fkn masterpiece.

Don’t miss it.


Bad Genius (2017)

Movie: Bad Genius

A Thai film about a genius girl who starts making money by helping people cheat in exams. Have mentioned it here before and will continue to do so cuz a) it deserves SO MUCH MORE hype b) A big indian production house is working on its remake. A must watch thriller.


Keanu (2016)

Movie: Keanu

 A comedy film about a cat named “Keanu” that gets stolen. Starring Key & Peele, it’s a light hearted film that will have you laughing the whole time! love it


Eighth Grade (2018)

Movie: Eighth Grade

If you were an introvert growing up during your school days, you’d relate to this on a whole different level. It’s a coming-of-age film by Bo Burnham.

May or may not make you cry first and then smile.


The Invisible Man (2020)

Movie: The Invisible Man (2020)

If you’re a fan of horror thrillers like Hush & Don’t Breathe, you’re gonna love it. It had me on the edge of my seat squealing and gasping!


10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Movie: 10 Cloverfield Lane

You’ll be surprised at just how similar this movie is to our current situation. A girl is trapped with two strangers in the basement and she can’t leave cuz of massive radiation leak outside. One of my fav thrillers. Anxiety level max.


The Crawl (2019)

Movie: The Crawl (2019)

One of my favorites from last year. A natural disaster horror? idk, it had me screaming at 3 am. You’ll know why when you watch the film lol. It’s so well shot, you actually feel for the character stuck in this.. deadly situation.


Booksmart (2019)

Movie: Booksmart (2019)

A very well written light hearted comedy film about two best friends FINALLY trying to go all party-mode the night before their school graduation.

You could use a feel-good film rn tbh.


Dekhlo yaar. Humaari bhi maanlo kabhi kabhi.