There are throngs on good shows that are coming out this month as we are all stuck in our houses binging different shows and movies each day as the pandemic doesn’t seem to have an end. With that in our heads, we listed it down for you to make it much easier:


Upload, May 1, Amazon Prime Video:

In the near future, people who are near death can be uploaded into virtual after life. It feels like a weird combination of The Good Place and Black Mirror Worth checking out this sci-fi comedy.


Kaamyaab, Netflix:

Probably the best film you’ll watch this month, I promise. It’s already playing on Netflix. Go watch it!


Paatal Lok, May 15, Amazon Prime Video:

Absolutely loved the trailer for this new crime thriller series. Major ASUR vibes. Have a feeling it’s gonna be this month’s best watch.


The Vast Of Night, May 29, Amazon Prime Video:

A sci-fi thriller film I’ve been waiting to watch for SO LONG. In 1950, a couple of friends from a small town hear strange audio frequency, possibly from Aliens. Very Spielberg vibes from this!


Becoming. May 6, Netflix:

Michelle Obama tells her story in this documentary. Just watching the trailer gave me goosebumps.

Very excited for this one!


Into The Night, May 1, Netflix:

A six-episode sci fi apocalyptic series about a group of passengers flying into the night to avoid being killed by Sunlight. Watched the trailer and I’m 100% sold.

Watching it this weekend!


Hannah Gadsby – Douglas, May 26, Netflix:

If you liked her special Nanette you should know her next special is coming out this month. Also, if you haven’t watched it yet, pls do.


Jumanji – The Next Level, May 10, Amazon Prime Video:

If you also missed watching it on the big screen like me, It’s finally getting a digital release. Make your parents watch the first part so you can watch this together when it comes out.


Space Force, May 29, Netflix:

It’s happening, it’s HAPPENING. Steve Carell is taking workplace comedy to Space this time. Now all we need is Dwight Schrute to join him and we’ll have a new version of The Office. Can’t wait to binge-watch the shit out of this.


I know, I know I am hyperventilating at this list too. May we binge successfully through May too!