When the Coronavirus thing became a pandemic, a lot of past predictions came out in the way of movies, imageries, ted talks and movies. So, we listed out some movies that were eerily close to what we all are going through now:


Flu (2013):

Movie: The Flu

It’s a South Korean film about a deadly airborne virus. Or freak out karne mei maza aata hal toh mast delo, aur agar phatti hai toh pls to avoid because it’s toofan scary to watch it right now.


Contagion (2011):

Movie: Contagion

If you’re already freaking out, it’s not a great idea to watch this movie about a w similar virus outbreak like Covid 19. Watched it last night, and holy shit, it’s insane just how accurately it predicated the whole situation. Very scary.


Quarantine 1 and 2 (2008, 2011):

Movie: Quarantine (2008)

I’ve mentioned it here a bunch of times because it’s of my fav horror thrillers of all time but now it’s even more scarier. It’s remake of Spanish film series (Rec and it’s even better. Maybe not a great idea to watch Quarantine while you’re under quarantine. 🙂


Virus (2019):

Movie: Virus (2019)

A Malayalam medical thriller film that came out just last year. It’s about Nipah Virus outbreak in Kerala, & how the govt dealt with it

Scary or not, the film is actually pretty good.


The Road (2009):

Movie: The Road

It’s so, so underrated. It will have you gasping the whole time and show you Just how bad things can get. Also, it will leave you sobbing like a three year old. Watch it!


World War Z (2013):

Movie: World War Z

A film to remind you just how bad the situation can get during global epidemic and how we don’t have a real life Brad Pitt’s character to save the world.

If this doesn’t freak you out nothing will.


Outbreak (1995):

Movie: Outbreak

Another medical thriller about a deadly virus that starts infecting the entire world while scientists struggle to find cure. 🙂


28 Days Later (2002):

Movie: 28 Days Later

Imagine you sleep tonight and wake up months later in an abandoned hospital and the whole city is empty because a virus killed everyone. Yep, completely not scary right now lol.

If you wanna freak yourself out during your quarantine and chill time, watch it and also its second part – 28 weeks later.


More movies to watch:

1) Dawn of the Dead (2004)

2) I am Legend (2007)

3) Zombieland (2009,2019)

4) Train to Busan (2017)


Now go go, freak yourselves out kyunki waise he Coronavirus kuch kam freak out toh kar nahi rahi?