Just finished watching MostlySane’s new short film ‘Khayali Pulao’ & not to be dramatic, but it left me with the widest smile and bucket of tears.

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You can literally feel the sheer pyaar & kindness they made this beautiful short film with. Props to everyone who worked in making this, 26 min mei hi itna emotionally invested karwadiya by god.

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In a world full of people telling girls to live in a certain way, there’s Asha – living up to her name. Curiosity in her eyes and dreams in her heart.

She tells you just how important it is to act on your dreams. No matter just how insignificant, tiny, weird-ass, stupid that dream is. No matter what other tells you. No matter what society tells you. No matter what even your stupid brain tells you, or how impossible it seems. It’s just important to try, because it’s… your dream 🙂

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For Asha, in her own innocent lil act of freedom, it’s to be a part of school’s sports team. She has no idea how to play handball but khelna hai sorry.

Keh diya bas keh diya.

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She doesn’t have the resources and she gets criticized by everyone. But she takes it as constructive feed back and keep at it w her jugaads!

Tum jitna bhi koshish kar lo, thoda lucky hona bhi zaroori hai.Buuutt should that stop us from koshish in? HELL NO

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The film doesn’t have many dialogues and has very Iqbal kind of vibes. I mean, Asha-eyein? coincidence? I think not.

It HAS 4 beautifully written and sung songs that drive the whole story. The background Score is a muse and so is the overall aesthetic.

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Really like how she tells you to be curious, strong headed, ambitious but most importantly, KIND. She conforms in the ideology the world being a better place if we were a little kind. She loves her parents, in spite of her father being a conformist of following traditional norms. Respects the sports teacher in spite of him concluding that she can’t do sports.

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Absolutely loved this scene in which this guy asks Asha “kya ukhaad legi ye khel ke?” and she brushes him off saying “teri samjh mei nhi ayega.” He asks, “aise kaisi samjh nahi ayega? pure gaon ka sabse samjhdar aadmi hun, tabhi toh mere paas smartphone hai”

And she just leaves w “kyunki tu chhora hai.”

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Honestly, it’s not something that we have never watched before. But the simplicity and the honesty they made this short film with, it’s beautiful. You don’t even realise you’re so invested in Prajakta Koli’s character in the span of just 26 minutes.

The movie is not about winning but the joy in participating, the importance of koshish, and to break all the barriers and limits we put on ourselves.

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Dekh lo. Zada time nahi lagega. It’s a feel-good vibe dene wali film. If you don’t follow this amazing creator – Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane till now, it’s time you should. I’ve been following her since her initial Youtube years and now it feels like I know her personally. This girl is going ages & I feel involved.

Also, Khayali Pulao banate raho!

Dreaming and Imagining the world in your own way should never be stopped!