We the Gen-X and the millenials have seen the sudden boom into technology, with us suddenly shedding all our privacies to the hands of social media accounts that can never vouch for our safety. But, with that we also grew up and into new technologies in the form of mobiles. So, to beat you all into the game of nostalgia..here we bring to you the phones we all grew up with.


Nokia 6600:

Real gansta of the phone world back in those days. It came with a joystick and a rad design and everybody wanted to get their hands on this bad boi!

Ispe games kheine mei alag hi feels aati thi tbh.


Blackberry Phones:

Only the elite of elites had this phone.

It was famous for its data security, but lete toh bas BBM chalane ke liye aur whatsapp ko garibo ka BBM bolne ke liye. But jo bhi kaho, scoring a PIN of your crush was epitome of happiness back then.

*plays we’re the blackberry boys oh yeah*


Moto Razr:

Having this phone was the epitome of being cool. When you flipped it open, you flipped it with authority. You never felt more alive. And when you were done with someone’s shit, you flipped it back.

And boom! the end. Period.

Man, I really want a flip phone.


Nokia 5233:

It was the first touchscreen phone of so many people at that time and nobody ever forgets their first. It came with cool colourful replaceable back covers and a stylus! special love for this one.


Galaxy Note:

The original Galaxy Note that can be considered responsible for popularizing the term “smartphone in India. Launched in 2011, it started it all. Boasting a huge (by that time’s standards) 5.3-Inch touchscreen and a cool stylus, it was THE shizz.

And now we’re here.


HTC Android Phones:

The brand might be going through troubled times now, but it holds the distinction of being the manufacturer that launched the first commercially available smartphone to run Android.


Sony Ericsson:

If you were into music, Sony Ericsson was your go-to phone. Back in the time, it was a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mobile phones with capable cameras and outstanding audio quality.

Walkman series was lit.


iPhone 1st generation:

Launched by none other than the late Steve Jobs in 2007, the Apple iPhone ushered in a new era in the realm of mobile phones.


Leave your comments on what other mobile phones from your childhood that make you nostalgic!