Other than general stereotype of medical students have to study day and night, here is a peak into their life with things that only medical students will relate to.

some medical students wearing lab coats discussing something in a group, showing the life of every medical student ever
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  • Remember in YJHD when Naina tells bunny, “life mei kitna bhi try kar lo, Kuch na Kuch reh hi jaata hai” Wo hamare syllabus ki baat kar rahi thi. Kyon ki tum kitna bhi try kar lo, kitni bhi jaldi preparation start kar do, chahe saari raat jaag lo, end mei kuch na kuch toh reh hi jayega.


  • Also, Tum mei se koi aise hai jiske pas ek dum perfect white coat hai? As in, no pen marks and leak stains around the pockets. No phati hui jebein. No missing buttons. No roll numbers written on it- because finals mei external ne bola tha. Nahi? No one? Good. Welcome, you are now truly one of us.


  • If all of us got a rupee for every time someone wore the stethoscope ulta, we would have saved enough money to pay for college + post graduation and still would have saved some paisa to open our own clinics. JI HAAN, stethoscope ka bhi sahi-galat hota hai. Humme bhi pre-final year mei pata chala tha.


  • But jo bhi bolo, family functions mei izzat boht badh jaati hai, chaahe Tum Abhi 1st year mei hi kyon na ho. “Haan haan, ab toh surgery bhi kar leti hai yeh” “Mumma D-hall mei corpse pe dissection karne ko surgery nahi bolte!” “Tu chup kar, ja jaake tikki-chaat leke aa”


  • Hamari mentality hi kaafi Change ho gayi hai- every time we look at a hottie on the screen with his sleeves rolled up and his arms showing- our first reaction is “Yummmm” followed by “Kya sahi IV cannula jayega iss mitti”


  • Also, I hate all these smug non-medicos who say things like “teri writing toh itni sundar hai, Tu doctor kaise banegi” or “sach hi bolte hai, doctors ki writing sachi mei boht kharab hoti hai hai” “Haha. Mujhe nahi pata tha ke doctor banne ke liye 5.5 years motti motti kitaabein padhne, interrogative vivas dene and kaafi saari sampling and charting karne ke ilaawa writing bhi deteriorate karni hoti hai. Also, bro JAB 3 GHANTE MEI 40-50 PAGE LIKHNE PADHE AUR OPD MEI 100 -150 PATIENTS DEKHNE PADHE TOH ACHE ACHO KI WRITING KHARAB HO JAATI HAI!” I know I was yelling, but I had to yell!


  • You ask your friends “wow. You smell so good what perfume are you wearing?” And they will say “Davidoff” “Burberry” “Mei bas nahake ayi” “it’s my shampoo, lavender hai” And um, us? all we ever smell of only and only formaldehyde.


  • The overalls that are a part of our uniform are used for everything else except for wearing it as a uniform (except for when “HOD ki class hai”) Garmi zyada hai? Koi baat nahi. Overall sir pe pehan lo Baarish ho rahi hai? Koina, overall hai.


  • Medical students ko fest ke naam pe sirif ek Pulse, AIIMS, Delhi pata hai. Woh bhi iss liye ke dilli ghumne ka mauka mil jayega. Baki bas koi state mei 1-2 koi fest ho toh theek hai, warna PULSE ki raah dekhte dekhte hi degree nikaal dete hai.


  • As long as you have a full set of healthy hair, eyes which have not disappeared into your dark circles and a caffeine independent lifestyle, you cannot pass as a medical student/professional. We. Just. Cannot. Accept. You. Sorry. Rules.


  • College mei sirf friends ke sath nahi bana ke rakhni padti. Clerk se, nurse se, technician se, guard se, sab ke saath ache se baat karni padti hai. Kyon ki actual kaam toh wohi karwate and sikhate hai. They own our ass. And if you’ve just started out- word from the wise, Kuch bhi karna par “sister ji” ko gussa mat karna


Here are some moments that will make your worries about the exams and uncertainty of the futures flicker for a moment as you smile chottu sa- The “good” after a particularly gruelling viva. It stays with you. Learning a new skill/technique and getting it right. Not getting < scolded at rounds. All the masti that you did while the 2 diligent students took the patient ka history. The smile on the face of a mother when she sees her baby after hours of screaming. When a baby in the NICU is strong enough to hold your finger with his hands. When a patient comes back for follow up and says “thank you doctor saab”- unparalleled