A group of big-shot business leaders have assembled avengers-style to invest a whopping 300 crore to build a new-age institution called Masters’ Union School of Business, where leading CEOs and top industry experts will be the professors!

Source: shiksha.com

Kinda just how Doctors teach in Medical schools & Lawyers teach in Law schools, they have created a Business School where only people who have hands-on leadership experience in the industry will teach the students.


Source: Shiksha.com

The faculty is an unusual collection of 21 Masters, CXOs, MDs and eminent public leaders and even members of the parliament. They bring their unique years of experience to the classroom, teaching with authentic stories of tackling real life challenges.

Basically, their idea is to give students an immersive & interactive educational experience. Each class is designed to feel like an actual irl internship with a series of consulting projects with real clients, tech bootcamps, field tours.


Source: Moneycontrol

Master’s Union School of Business offers a post graduate diploma in Technology and Business Management in 16 months via a flagship programme, that is led by people from the corporate world with real time experience. Driven by interesting live projects and an exposure to technology like never before.

And a really cool shadow program where students can follow eminent leaders into their workspace and learn more about work!

Gone are the days when rote learning was the only alternate to education. Gone are those days when a degree would only be worth a paper. Now is the time of revolution, of change with perseverance in an efficient way. With the launch of Masters’ Union School of Business, the road to success will change and become much faster!

You can learn more about it here.