If an educational institution tells you that you need to pay only after you get a job of 5LPA or more, it sounds too good to be true, right?

But it’s not.

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Masai School is a 21st century focused coding school that operates on the business model of ISA – Income Share Agreements which allows the students to pay back the institutions only once they get a job that pays them more than the ISA threshold.

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The ISA threshold for Masai School’s flagship program – Full Stack Android Development is 5LPA, which implies that their students pay the course fee only once they are placed with a job of 5LPA or more.

Since their inception in July, 2019 Masai School has helped 100s of students find jobs as Software Developers at top-tech companies with an average package of 6.75 LPA!

Source: masaischool.com

What’s surprising is that more than 60% of Masai Graduates come from non-CS backgrounds, and are today employed as Software Developers. All of this in just 30 Weeks!

Let’s talk about the Eligibility for this program –

– The student must be 18+ years of age, and a 12th graduate.

– The student should be willing to join the course full-time for 30 weeks.

– The student should understand English, as all classes are conducted in English.

– The student should have a laptop/computer with good internet connection.

Source: masaischool.com

Their next program – “Full Stack Android Development” starts on the 30th of November, which is a 30 week, full-time program where learners will be trained on various programming aspects that will enable them to find jobs as software engineers at top-tech companies.

The Full Stack Android Course is an intensive full-time Program that runs for 30 weeks, and will take a beginner from absolutely no knowledge in coding to a stage where they can be hired by top companies for the role of a Software Developer with a minimum package of 5LPA or more.

Source: masaischool.com

Prateek Shukla, Co-founder & CEO, Masai School said, “At Masai School, our vision is to build a highly-scalable, outcome-oriented college alternative in India, by investing in students. Today, the demand for a skilled workforce is on the rise, and organizations are giving priority to skill-set rather than educational background. However there exists a wide skill gap that is a potential growth deterrent for employability. Each year, thousands of engineering colleges churn out lakhs of graduates, but the reality is that not even half are job ready. It is this obstacle that Masai School is here to address. We believe that focused skill development is the way forward. Our tailored course structure will help students learn skills relevant to industry needs.” 

Source: masaischool.com

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