A horrifying video surfaced on the internet last week that showed a young Hyderabad student getting brutally hit by MMTS train while trying to take a selfie with it. The video went so viral that it was all over Facebook and family WhatsApp groups. From New York Times to UNILAD, even international media outlets covered the story.

But as it turns out, it was apparently a fake video. The dude’s name is Shiva, he’s a general instructor at a gym in Madapur. He and his friends staged the whole video to fool people.

Nellutla Kavitha, a journalist working with ABN News Channel tweeted a new video of Shiva along with his friends making fun of “train selfie”

Rough translation of the video: “Nothing happened to him. He is alright, eating well and drinking. There was a newspaper article on this which was not researched so it authenticated the fake video and fake consequences.”

The ABN News Channel further claims that Shiva has now been arrested.

Well, at least we got a hilarious meme trend because of him. Thanks, Shiva.

News source: Indiatimes