Some characters played the game so smooth in the shows with their wicked manipulative lies that they had us fooled many times. Here’s a list of some of the most evil manipulative liars from our favorite shows.



OG Manipulator. Can convince anyone for anything at any moment w just a little wine. The only character who we all unanimously just hate but also praise her for them skills ‘coz wow evil & manipulative hona koi inse seekhe.


Amy from Gone Girl


A hot mess but mostly a mess, CEO @ looking innocent but being a manipulative bich of the highest level. One of those characters whose actions you watch with wide eyes because did she really just? like did she just do that…WOAHH OK!!!


Rashi Ben


YE RASHI!!¡!!! (yeh Rashi thi) 

Cooker mei se channe nikal diye aur khaali cooker gas pe chhada diya and then blamed it all on Gopi Bahu, AND then made her feel guilty later for telling the truth to Kokila.

Game dekh rahe ho Rashi ben ki?


Vulture from B99


URRGGHHH 2 secs of him on screen and bas ho gya mera aur nahi dekha jaata. 2 secondbhi jaada boldiya ig. pata nahi kya takleef hai in sajjan ko, he breathes also and bas




A superhero you hate with all your hate and soul. He’s the definition of evil. And he plays the game so effortlessly like he was born for it… which tbh he was. One second he’ll have us convinced that he is actually a bechaara person, and then BOOM! Roasted. LITERALLY.


Toxic Ex


Not gonna lie they had me inthe first half believing that they were the one but turned out to be manipulative bich. And w their subtle art of lying had me convinced that the breakup was also my fault hahahahBRB*crying*hahaha


Petyr Baelish


The headmaster at King’s Landing’s University of lies and deceit. Single handedly played so many people in the show and oh so smoothly, ek dum makhan all while having that sweet wicked smile on his face.




He was an evil manipulator before it was cool. He always gets snubbed in the list of evil characters but if you know him, you know dude’s a pro at this shit w his weirdass accent!

And we kinda like him for it (?)


Kaashipur wale Baba


Actually, on second thought, this dude still tops the list. If manipulation was a religion, all these characters would be his bhakts. Whether it’s help ke naam pe followers ko drugs dena, lying to the masses, or just being a good ol’ asshole, he’s acing it bade araam se. :)))))