Do you know what’s common between PM Modi and Salman Khan? Although, a lot is, but I am gonna tell you my favourite one!
Both of them have huge followers who put their complete faith in them in exchange for imbecility.
Ridiculous actions in the name of ‘support’
Like the one, I am going to tell you now!

A group of protestors were gathered outside Jamia Campus shouting slogans, opposing CAA. A man named, Ram Bhagat Gopal, 19, brandished and fired a gun at those protestors saying:

“Azadi chahiye? Ye lo azadi?”

Man firing gun at Jamia

Damn, this man took ‘literal translation’ to a whole different level altogether.

Fun Fact: He was live on Facebook moments before he fired the gun!

‘Cuz why not, Social Media bitch! Pics or it didn’t happen!

FYI, he was detained by initially ‘mock spectator’ Delhi Police. A student of the university, identified as Shahdab was injured in the firing and was taken to AIIMS shortly after.

The whole incidence taking place in broad daylight irked Twitterati and they stormed Twitter questioning the credibility of Delhi Police.