A few songs from my playlist that led to a recent epiphany that Malayalam music deserves a huge place in our hearts! Samajh aaye ya naa aaye, but sunke bahut accha lagega!

Even though I struggle to figure out the lyrics, the music does its job, and dives straight in to the soul. Mollywood doing what it does best, ruling our hearts! 

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Eeran Kaatin Eenam Pole

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Penned by BK Harinarayanan, this beautiful piece is the rendition of Shreya Ghosal. Remember the first phone call with your crush? Butterflies in the stomach. A big sheepish grin on your face. Heart super happy. This is that kind of a song.


Mukkathe Penne

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Written and sung by Mh. Maqbool Mansoor, this song was composed by Gopi Sunder in under 5 minutes. And it manages to tug your heart Every. Single. Time. you listen to it. Itna soulful. Itna soulful. Ab kya hi bataaye!


Uyiril Thodum, Lailakame, Ente Khalbile

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Here are some songs, from the first time they fall on our ears, you just know they’ll stick with you on your playlist for a long time.



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Innocence just gushes straight outta your screen with this one. But if you end up w heavy Quotes of missing your So, that’s not on me ok? ok. And if you’re watching the video, get ready to fall in love with Soubin Shahir, if you haven’t already.



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Euphoric. Something to groove your hearts out! And this song will infest Quora your brain at odd times though, you’ve been warned! Obviously in taana nan nan na, kyunki lyrics toh apne palle padne waala hai nahi (sighs)


Pavizha Mazha

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Two universal languages. Love and Music. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Thoda pyaar, thoda magic. and bahot sara melancholy. No kidding, bahut pyara hai gaana. ALSO, Neeyilla Neram song.



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Gopi Sunder is a Gem. One such song you can’t bored of, even if it’s on loop like 24x7x365 TheReOf YourLife Just play the song Sip your Sulaimani Close your eyes And lose yourself in it.


Chundari Penne

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Ab bhai ne gaaya hai, toh suna hi na? Ek hi toh dil hai yaar DQ Aur kitne hi baar jeetoge?! Gopi Sunder composition Meri toh death hi ho gayi hindi beats. Dulquer, And his voice, And watching him sing, Aap convince ho gaye, ya main aur bolun?


Only regret – Where were these all my life!? (The maximum Malayalam I ever knew was the forever misheard ‘sundari bandari ganji kyun’ part from Jiya Jale, SMH!)