Life is hard when you are one of those clueless Indian college students who neither have a papa-ka-business to look forward to or the motivation to do shitty offline internships for “exposure.”

If you are not already feeling guilty about hogging on your parents’ money, you will by the time you graduate, and that is when you’re gonna feel the pressure to earn. But don’t worry mateys, I gots ya. Here I’ve curated the best and the most effective ways of to earn money online when you’re not busy doing countless college assignments.


1. Make money on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

This is probably the easiest and the most fun to make money online. There’s literally no limit to how much you can make through social media, I personally know a few Facebook pages and Instagram fashion bloggers who easily earn more than a 1,00,000 rupees per month. And it’s only going to increase with time as all big brands are just realizing the great potential of social media marketing in India.

There’s a lot of ways to earn money on social media. If you already have a large audience base, you can partner with brands and do sponsored posts, or get into Viral9 like programs where you get paid for sharing website links, or you can buy/sell Facebook pages, or you can earn through Instant Articles, which is almost like Google Adsense, but for Facebook, or you can share affiliate links on your page. (more on it later)


If you have decent number of followers on social media, chances are brands are going to contact you on their own. But if they don’t, you can always join influencers’ platforms like Blogmint, Famebit, etc. They connect you to the brands.

It takes time and skill to build an audience base, but know that it’s one of the greatest assets in today’s digital world.


2. How to make money through blogging 101

Here’s how you can make money by writing in India.

A. You can write for any website and get paid instantly (pls contact us if you wanna get paid instantly lol)

B. Or you can start your own blog, write for yourself and make more money, but after a while.

If you have a stomach to invest time and hard work, make sure choose to start your own blog. You can easily monetize it using different kinds of advertising networks like Adsense, Taboola, rev content, and what not. I personally know many people who earn more than 1,00,000 INR just through advertising networks.

But that’s just one way to monetize. You can partner with different brands, do sponsored posts, paid reviews. You can join India blogging networks like BlogAdda, Indiblogger, etc which are great for Indian budding bloggers.


3. Earn money by playing skill-based games online.

Building an audience online is a heavy task, so let’s talk about a quick and fun way of making money to balance it out the first two ways. But first of all, let’s get one thing straight.

“It’s still linked to gambling, which is unfortunate. That’s one thing that needs to be rectified because it’s a mind sport after all. Because, if you’re willing to put in the hard work, there’s no way you’ll lose money in this sport. And I’d always recommend poker as a sport and not a game. A mind sport,” says Arjun Dhingra, one of Indian top players, in an interview with Scoopwhoop.

Ever since playing skill-sports like Poker and Rummy in recreational clubs got legalized in India back in October 2013, online poker industry has seen massive growth. There’s a ton of websites, but the most reliable and popular website is Pokerbaazi.

Not only the website has a user-friendly interface and it organizes a ton of engaging high end tournaments (for instance, they have organized India’s biggest tournament ‘1 crore GTD – The MoneyMaker 30 LAC to 1st & 20 LAC to 2nd’ on 26th November 2017 at 6pm. ), but mostly importantly, it’s trying to break the stigma of gambling associated with this skill-based sport. It organizes webinars to spread awareness about the logical approach it has to the game, and how you require a lot of skills to master it. They also make tutorial videos for beginners who are interested in it.



Having said that, you can check out their Baazi VIP store to get tickets for the grand event or you can watch their videos and learn more about this jazz.


4. Buy & Sell Domains

To be honest, domain dealing business is kind of a very tricky way to make money online. But it’s highly profitable.

Here’s what you do, you register for a website domain name that could have a high commercial value in the future, now you wait for someone to realize its commercial value, and if you catch a big fish, you can earn even in millions.

Recently, got sold for a whooping 35 million dollars. JUST. IMAGINE.

But then again, it requires a lot of research and skill.

5. Affiliate Marketing


Now if you already have an audience-base on social media or have a website, affiliate marketing is just another add-on for you. So basically what you do is that you register with Amazon, or Flipkart or other retailers, and you refer their products to your audience, and say, if someone from your audience buys that product, you get like 10-15% affiliate commission.

You can promote the affiliate links on your Facebook page, whatsApp groups, your website posts, your Twitter. Just refer the product, and earn money.

India’s one of top earning blogger, Harsh at ShoutMeLoud, earns 90% of his income through affiliate marketing.

It is, hands down, the most effective way of making money on the internet.

6. Online Capcha typing jobs

You can’t find an easier job than this. You just have to see the capcha and type the characters in a text box… tha- that’s it. Around 100 rupees per 1000 photos. Not bad.

7. Your own digital store

You don’t need a huge investment to start selling consumer based products anymore. You can just get a website and start your own digital store. Or scratch that, I know a lot of people you have their digital stores just on whatsApp. There’s literally no investment required. From handmade greeting cards to jewelry, you can sell literally anything and make money.

Or if that’s also too much for you, you can just sell on different market places like Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, etc.

8. Online Surveys

Your opinion is important. Some companies want to test their products and services, and they’ll pay you for giving them your honest opinion. That’s really all to it. You can look for online survey jobs easily.

9. Freelancing

It can either be in writing field, or designing field, or anything really. If you are just getting started, you can do a little research and find out all the websites looking for freelancers, or you can join several networks where companies post their requirements. is pretty cool if you’re into writing, or if you’re a developer.

10. Mystery Shopper


You basically have to try different products and services and give your honest feedback. You can find jobs like this on Wemark.

11. Make memes for money

Meme culture has recently arrived in India and brands are just realizing that. They are always on a lookout for a memelords to keep their social media handles lit af. You can try at creative teams like All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Buzzfeed India, Scoopwhoop, Storypick, or even The Indian Idiot.



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