Sorry, but I’m a huge Jennifer Winget fan and her digital debut was something which I’ve had my eyes set upon for a long, long time! Playing an army officer Major Monica, here we have compiled some of the best moments where she was a complete badass female character that was long overdue!

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

When her ex was trying to be funny she set him straight with a dope-ass reply.

“You were in my past and will remain there.”

When she was trying to make Major Gaurav confess a fake encounter, she was sharp on-point!

“Karma is a bitch. It chases you and f*cks you”

When she confronts Major Gaurav for hiding the fact that he’s gay, she gets into a fit of rage!

“Then why did you not have a fake wedding? You could’ve also spoiled a girl’s life!”

When she defeats Major Shakti at his own game, she spills some ‘gloating’ words!

“What did you think? Only you can play games? We do this for a living”

The last scene where she confronts Colonel Chohan for everything he’s done, this monologue is so powerful, it should be played in a loop in big loudspeakers at every ‘Chouraha’, maybe this is what the country needs to hear right now!

“How could a Dalit boy think he can sit on your tables and eat food with you? He should be sitting on the floor, eat your leftover food. Gayatri is pregnant with your Dalit son -in-law’s child, and now you have a Dalit grandchild. This uniform does not differentiate between castes nor the lineage. Code M is Army Lingo for Court Martial. The reason for this case was neither fake encounter was nor same-sex relationship. The reason was regressive thinking. If you’re narrow-minded, you’re not worthy of being called a human being let alone an army officer.”

Man, she’s SO GOOD. Quick question, why don’t we already have her in Bollywood films?