Let’s be honest for a second, we have all added some weirdass things in our Maggi that we regret, but these people went a little too carried away with this. Recently, we asked people on our Instagram stories (if ya’ll don’t follow us, wyd? @theindianidiot) about the weirdest things they add to Maggi and boy, I wasn’t ready for some of those answers.

Warning: These might make your soul cringe a little (A LOT).

1. Pav Bhaji

A lot of the people add pav bhaji masala to their maggi and honestly, I get it, I’m all about different masalas and sauces but this one person, Shaily Shah, literally adds the bhaji in her maggi and she actually loves it?!?!? why are you like this, satan?

2. Oranges

Wait, what? Who adds friggin’ oranges to maggi? I’m looking at you, Shantanu 2709. Sorry but I gotta report you to the police.

3. Sugar

These gujjus I swear to god. Like, meethi maggi? what’s wrong with you monsters, stop ruining the good things in life ffs!

4. Milk

Milk Maggi? are you friggin’ kidding me right now? do you also add complan in it? stay where you are, Rupali Tiwari. I’m calling the internet cops on you.

5. Chai

Man, I love chai so much. And I love Maggi so much. But maggi with chai? no, man. Just no. You know who you are, monsters.

6. Banana

Full disclosure: I think I just threw up in my mouth.

7. Rooh Afza

Sonali Sharma likes to add Rooh fkn Afza in her maggi. Wow, I think I’m finally starting to understand Thanos’ perspective. He wasn’t wrong, after all.

8. Nutella

Why? why would you ruin two perfectly good things like this? please stop ffs.

9. Dry Fruits

When you wanna eat healthy, but you’re also addicted to maggi. It sounds disgusting, Abhishek Srivastva. But you do you!