Maqsood Mehmood Ali aka Lucky Ali has smothered us with songs that have all the good wholesome feels and on his birthday today here’s an appreciation post for him and his beautiful songs that we still listen and vibe to.

singer lucky ali singing holding a mic

O Sanam

Words will fall short to describe this epic song. You’ll love the bitter sweet nostalgia whenever you listen to this song. It can be heard 50 times on a loop, and each time it’ll get deeper.

“Mil ke bichadna toh dastoor ho gaya… this line is so apt, even today.



When A R Rahman and Lucky Ali come together you know it’s gonna be epic.Safarnama is more than a song for a lot of us, it’s a journey within.

Jisse dhundha zamane mein, mujhi mein tha” this is deep. Written by Irshad Kamil. A Lucky Ali modern classic!



2020 and this beautiful song is still criminally underrated. His husky voice and deep lyrics just hit all your emotion at once.

“Bhula Ke Sari Baaton Ko Jee Aaya Phir Bhi Na Aye Karar” Can you relate to these lines too?


Kitni Haseen Zindagi

Doesn’t matter how bad your day is going, this song will always be there to cheer you up a little. The vibe of this song is magical.


Jaane kya dhoondta hai ye mera dil

Okay, so this song works as a time machine, it will take you back to early 2000 days. This song has always been there to express everything we ever wanted to say about love and life.

“Raaste hi raaste hain kaisa hai yeh safar” how beautifully he managed to sum up the meaning of life in this one line.


Na tum jaano na hum

This song has “Good vibes only” written all over it. Khwabon ke parindey vibes before it was cool. Why is this song so soothing? na tum jaano na hum.


Aa bhi ja

That starting violin part is out of this world. Magical! The more you listen to it the more you get addicted to it. Soul-stirring!



When it comes to any journey song, no one can replace Lucky Ali With top-notch music arrangement and cinematography, Hairat is one of the best road journey videos Bollywood has ever produced. It is the perfect road trip song.

Ek pal ka jeena

Instant dopamine promised every fkn time. Are you doing that step in your head right now? me too.

Happy Birthday Lucky Ali !