Salman Khan’s Loveratri Trailer Looks Like Every Bollywood Romantic Film Ever

Salman Khan is launching his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma in his latest film ‘Loveratri’ directed by Abhiraj Minawala.

Going by the trailer, the plot of the film is pretty straight foward. Dude (Aayush Sharma) meets Girl (Warina Hussain) on the first night of Navratri while playing garba. However, she’s an NRI who has to leave the country after 9 days.

source: youtube/salmankhanfilms

Like any other gujju guy, he tries to garba his way into her heart after Ram Kapoor pulls an SRK and gives him “9 din, ladki in” pep talk.

Ram Kapoor loveratri trailer

source: youtube/salmankhanfilms

As the trailer reveals, she eventually leaves the country and he follows her to London. And then there’s some more garba, fight with her parents, oh and did I mention garba? There’s a cameo of from Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan as Gujarati police officers which actually looks cool.

Watch the trailer for Loveratri here

Judging by the trailer, Loveratri has nothing new to offer. It’s everything we have watched a zillion times before with better actors. It’s like Bollywood has even stopped trying to create new stories. They are just rehashing the same old sh*t in just more colorful packaging. *coughs* dhadak *coughs*

To be honest, Aayush and Warina’s acting isn’t good either. It looks lifeless and boring, Aayush looks like he’s reading the dialogues off the script. To give you a perspective, Tiger Shroff acts better than this dude. Oh, and there’s also a dialogue “Iss Navratri mein aisa jaadu hai, kisi ko jaadu jaisa feel nahi hota” which looks totally inspired by Race 3.

iss navratri mei aisa jaadu hai kisi ko jaadu jaisa feel nahi hota

source: youtube/salmankhanfilms

The only thing I liked about the trailer is the song, which is actually pretty catchy. 100% sure songs are gonna go viral, but the film is gonna bomb.

Really hope Bollywood gets its head out of romantic films and explore other genres.

Salman Khan’s Loveratri Trailer Looks Like Every Bollywood Romantic Film Ever

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