Love is such a complex word, beholds different for different people. But, all we know what holds common for each of us that love is worth it if it’s for the right person.

These are some beautiful characters and their way of love and life that we can learn a lot from:


Queen (2014):

Rani’s solo honeymoon trip taught her a lot, be if speaking a little French or cracking better jokes. But ultimately and most importantly it taught her to value herself. Away from her family and their expectations, she begins to think of herself at a separate entity – an individual. A radical and simple way of thinking she didn’t know existed. Alone, she makes new friends and ends up discovering new stories; diverse stories of struggle pain, passion and love that exist in the worlds outside her world. Stories that put her story in perspective, Friends who appreciate her in ways she did not know one could be appreciated. Se quite naturally, she comes to decide to not to compromise her talents and her self-esteem for a marriage.

Because being loved by or loving someone is not as important as loving oneself.


Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019):

For Sahil, it was love at first sight. This love drawn him to sweet hometown anly to discover that she li secretly in love with someone else – a woman. So Sahil as a friend, helps Sweety share her truth to her family. This simple and beautiful movie teaches a very important and often overlooked lesson about love. Love is blind. It sees no race, no caste, no class, no religion, and no gender. Love Is Love.


Piku (2015):

Weathered by a successful career and an unsuccessful love sife, Piku has a practical approach to marriage, she wants a companion who can fit perfectly in her house with her father. There is very little she wants to compromise, because there is a lot she is reluctant to share. She wears her temper as a shield against those who might truly get to know her. However, an unlikely friendship with Rana eases her fears.

When she is able to share she is able to love. Because you can’t love someone without being vulnerable.


Manmarziyaan (2018):

From being madly in love, to marrying the wrong guy to Falling in love with salad wrong Guy cheating on him, getting divorced and faling out of love with the first guy, Rumi love life is messy – to say the least. The consequences of her impulsive actions show her how she had complicated what had been so simple-love and the beauty of doing what your heart really wants. Perhaps it was the recklessness and not the impulsiveness that had caused so much pain. With this wisdom she finds the courage to love again, ready to submit to the whims of her heart

Because despite your mistakes you have the right to love and be loved.



Life In A Metro (2007):

Alter 40 years of doing the right thing, Amol (Dharmendra) return to India to spend time with his first love, Shivani (Nafisa Ali ). In contrast to the younger people navigating marriage, affairs & hookups. Amol and Shivani’s simple relationship feels delightfully pure.

They have a deep sense of comfort with each other and mutual respect – their love still alive after forty years. However, their time together is cut short with Shivani untimely death. Alone, Amol deeply regrets leaving his love behind in search of a career, a living the apparently reasonable thing to do.

Luckily love waited for him but time did not.


The Lunchbox (2013):

Inside the walls of her small house in Mumbai, las only purpose lies in winning her husband love. However, the recipient of her labor of love, her husband’s lunchbox, ennis up with the aged widower Saajan. An unlikely friendship blossoms between the two as they introspect over the lonely lives over letters and food. Discovering her husband’s affair & seeing her mother’s love less life, la become aware of her domestic entrapment. She decides to leave everything & move to Bhutan to provide a better life for her daughter, Instead of initiating love with Saajan.

Because all understand that love’s purpose is not in curing loneliness.


Hasee Toh Phasee (2014):

As a scientific genius, Meeta has very little in common with her frivolous Gujarati family. The only place she fits In is at her work. Away from the overbearing humans in her family and the emotional problems her logic can’t solve. She survives by numbing her emotions and crowding her mind with work. Meeting Nikhil, however, makes her realize how lonely she had always been. His ability to understand her without judgement, helps her accept her emotions as she indulges in the most human act – love.

Love which cannot be numbed forever.


Badhaai Ho (2018):

Long after settling down with two children, middle aged Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik love for each other is still alive- Mrs. Kaushik pregnancy is a proof of it. Their love helps time travel the discomfort and ridicule of the people within the family and without. But their love is not derived from grand gestures, Rather the love between them is nurtured by small acts of kindness- narrating self-written poetry, being supportive, respecting each others decision or simply admiring each other in a party. After decades of being together, they never take each other for granted.

The love that in made to laat is always a work in progress.


Gully Boy (2019):

Safeena and Murad seem to have built their world inside the boundaries of their chawl. But as Murada career takes him outside to new people, Safeena’s anxieties get the better of her. Murad breaks up with her. However, he soon realizes he cannot let go of the life he shared with her easily. It cannot be discarded and forgotten. Whereas, he decides to focus on her priority – her career given that his desires might not fit into her plan So, to travel new territory together, he learns to value her trust and she learns to accept the changes.

Both learn to find Happiness in each other’s happiness.


These characters have taught me such important lessons on love and happiness.