Relationships are complicated and messy and while we dream of a perfect relationship like those dreamy couples from movies and TV shows, here’s some love advice from our favorite fictional characters.



sweetu from kal ho na ho

Don’t be afraid of falling in love and putting yourself out there cuz of thoughts like “agar woh tumhe chhod ke chala jayega toh phir kya karoge tum?” aur kisi ko dhund lenge, aur kya Karenge? Just keep your heart open to new experiences and people, and you’d be surprised how better it is like that than always being afraid of getting hurt again 🙂


chandler bing from friends

woh toh nahi pata, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

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anjali from kuch kuch hota hai

Don’t be a dumbass like me who goes back to people who didn’t value you enough and took you for granted. Instead, look forward to connecting with new, better people who genuinely appreciate Quotes for who you actually are and value your existence in their life. When life gives you an Aman, accept it and treasure it. Don’t go looking for Rahul.

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Ted Mosby

ted mosby from how i met your mother

If you’re still crying over someone, it’s probably because you’re still on S2 or 3 of your love life. If you’re gonna tell your kids about your epic love story, it ought to have some heartbreaks and rejections for some drama! feel that hurt cuz character development is imp, but don’t forget to move forward to the next season, ‘cuz your The One is gonna be up on that metaphorical railway platform soon and you don’t wanna miss it! [on a downtown train plays in BG]

Michael Scott

michael scott from the office

No matter how weird, crazy, wacky, eccentric people say you are, there’s someone just as weird, crazy, wacky, eccentric out there for you who’ll love all your stupid pranks, that’s what she said jokes, & pop culture references! but before that, you might have to go through some people who’d cheat on you even when you specifically ask them not to! (Imao). But remember – you’re Beyonce. Always.

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Dwight Schrute

dwight schrute from the office

All you need is love? False. The four basic human necessities are air, water, food, and shelter.



lurent from english vinglish

Sometimes you’d do everything right and you still won’t get that extra ladoo. Does that suck? ABSOLUTELY YES. But is that okay? ALSO ABSOLUTELY YES. Nobody really owes you any extra ladoos just because you were nothing but super nice to them. It doesn’t work like that. You accept the lack of ladoos and move forward. And what do you know, eventually, you’d find someone who’d happily give you their extra ladoos.



dadies fro kal ho na ho

Pyaar? pyaar vyaar kuch nahi hunda. Shaadi hogi toh bas – ARRANGED!



rickk from rick and morty

Sorry to break it to you but *burps* wh- what people call “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits *burps* ha- hard, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a break up. I did it. Your du- dumb friends do it all the fucking time. Break the cycle. Rise above. Focus on science! *burps*

Now we know who to turn to next time we need any love advice.