There are times when you’re mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed and you stumble upon a post by someone that you were once really close to but now you have just grown apart or rarely ever talk.


And you wonder when was the last time you saw them or the last time you guys talked. And then you think what was that silly joke you both spent an hour laughing on?

And then you remember how their voice was like; how different it was when they were teasing you or when they were consoling you through your bad times? Their voice starts replaying in your head.

And you remember a few of their stupid habits that you unknowingly picked up or how you took one of their slangs & made it your own, and how sometimes you still say it and get reminded about them for a second?

Oh, and that one song you both always sang together but you can’t listen to it anymore without getting this sudden uprising feeling of nostalgia in Your stomach that soon turns into a mix of sadness.

And then comes the thought that you can know so much about a person and yet grow apart from them sometimes.

But you can still re-live their memory in only a few seconds, like you’re doing just now by reading this post?

And then you just laugh it up or smile a little and go back to your mindless scrolling..

Yeah, me too.