People say that degree karlo and life is set uske baad, but the real life actually kind of starts after that and this is when a lot of us feel lost and confused, here are some things that may help to find a path if you have also been feeling lost after graduation.

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It’s okay

By the time you reach last sem “ya to degree khatam hogi ya mai” feels less like a meme and more like reality. College mei you were jumping from one deadline to another with your friends, but now that you’re on your own without a map, it feels scary a lil (very) scary. It’s okay to feel lost.

Hai toh hum Indian education system ke product, “life is a race, if you don’t run fast you’ll be like a broken anda” is bound to catch up but it’s okay, you’re not alone in this.

Self Assessment!

Chaahe college jitna bhi waste of time and energy lage, it teaches you 2 things by the end – what you are good at & what you are absolutely not good at. Knowing either of those helps you immensely.

I remember I was in a tech course where everyone in class would discuss the latest tech shiz & all, but I never bothered to join the talks cuz had zero interest. I scored really well, but *I didn’t enjoy learning more than I had to* That’s a sign it’s not sustainable. Keeping that in mind, just sit with yourself and ask yourself some uncomfortable questions. Evaluate the way forward.


Gap year

If you can’t figure it out, it’s better to not roll yourself into another course or degree just cuz your classmates are doing it. Take a gap year, if you can. Mummy, papa, on vaale mamaji, all of them will make you believe that taking a gap year is ek saal barbaad karna, but hear me out. You’ve been so busy rushing from one exam to another all your life, you’ve never had a chance to actually pause and explore your skills & interests. Don’t rush into something you’d end up regretting. Try out different skills, internship, certification courses, startups. Itne sal education system ko balidaan kar diye, ek saal apne liye bhi nikal lo. Investing a year in yourself >>> realizing you wasted 2 more years doing smthn you don’t like!



Call the friend who’d approached you with “apne ko bada dhanda karne ka hai purushottam bhai.” Speaking from personal experience, three months in a startup environment can teach you WAYYYY more than three years in college!

Not only will you find your expertise, but you’ll also develop a lil of all kinds of skills in no time because – experiential knowledge >>>>>>

But most importantly, you’ll get a much broader perspective in life!!! I think everyone should work at a startup at least once or if you have a business idea, by all means give it a shot!



To work or to study? that is the question.

I’m not an expert but I think if you know exactly what you love learning about, it’s better to study more, do specialization cuz once you start working, it’s hard to go back to studying tbh.

But if you’re unsure, I think it’s better to get a job! Because working is just an actionable first step you’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll get a perspective, you’ll network, you’ll see how the world works, and when it’s time – you’ll move on and get a little closer to doing what you’re finally sure about or what your actual goal is in life 🙂


Best of both worlds

Best part is, you can still do certification courses on the side while working so you also don’t stop learning. Same goes if you choose to study. You can do internships on the side and get an experience of what it’s like to work while pursuing another degree. Both are important – you just have to decide which pair you wanna gravitate towards.

But if you can’t get a job, which is okay – you’ll need to build skills.


Follow your passion

Ik this might sound like the most cliche millennial advice now but if you REALLY wanna do something unconventional and you have the skills, you go fucking do it. Period. The unconventional creative field can be pretty competitive but if you have faith in yourself and on your chotu sa dimag then take that leap of faith!

“How do I know I’m ready?”

“You don’t. That’s all it is, Miles. A leap of faith”

DON’T THINK. JUST DO. You’ll either do great or fail terribly, either way, it will help you!


Building skills

We’re at that point in life when even Sharma uncle who said “job chahiye? abhi lagwa dete hai” is not able to help out cuz being a graduate doesn’t entail any jobs anymore. Companies now prefer skillset over educational background. You have to have an expertise, a skillset so good that makes you stand out. But building skills in college? Practical knowledge? woh kya hota hai. Reports time and again have shown how over 90% of Indian graduates aren’t job-ready. It’s not even exactly our fault tbh.

Keeping students in a bubble of assignments and exams >>> teaching them actual practical skills that are used in the real world.

What’s Masai School?

While they figure out how to improve education system, there are startups trying to cover this gap smartly. One of those is Masai School, it’s a military-style coding school that actually invests in tech students. Means you don’t have to pay anything until you get a job and you don’t need a degree to apply for their program.

If you get selected, they give you *INTENSE* 30-week training in Full Stack Developer program to build you job-ready tech skills! students can pay them back later after getting placements in a+ companies they have partnered with – Paytm, Samsung, ShareChat, etc. 

Hope this helps : )