It’s been a long time since we got to see Shah Rukh Khan in one of his ‘I feel like the Kings of the world’ character but waiting for one good SRK film every year, here’s us recalling some of our favorite scenes from SRK films on King Khan’s birthday !


Mai Hoon Na


Don’t even know why but nothing tops this scene. When Ram realizes Lucky is his brother and he then climbs the building to save him from falling while everyone is cheering for him.

I’ve watched this movie multiple times ok but this scene ALWAYS makes me so happy! I literally find myself cheering for him w everyone!


Kal Ho Na Ho


How heartbreaking is it to let go of your love because the timing isn’t right? Diary scene is that. Heartbreaking moment when he realizes he’s confessing his true feelings – he instantly takes a step back and says “ye. ye sab likha hai usne is diary mei. Rohit ne… dil kaise dukkha sakta hai tumhara – aur kitni kharab handwriting hai tumhari”

Aman deserved better (loud sobs)


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


When anjali is leaving and Rahul arrives at the station to stop her, he initially feels betrayed because he thinks his best friend didn’t tell her that she is leaving, but when the engine whistles that’s when the realization actually dawns that anjali sachme jaarahi hai and his best friend won’t be coming back.

He runs after her to tell her tell her “I’ll miss you yaar” And they do their iconic nose gesture thingie. Goosebumps.




Whoever has watched this movie will never forget this scene. This scene has no dialogue, just pure emotions.

It highlights the plight of child labour in our country and how all of us feel so helpless watching these kids work when they should be studying. This scene deserves so much more appreciation than it gets.


My Name Is Khan


When Rizwan keeps up to his promise and finds Mandira a place in the city she has never seen.

She asks him, “Marry me?” And he starts giggling and blushing like a kid and it’s the most adorable scene ever loooooooooool. CUTEST.


Chalte Chalte


One really, really underrated scene from Chalte Chalte is when he comes back and rings the door bell only to realize after a second she has left him and he lives alone now.. he then takes out the keys from his pockets and unlocks the door.

While “Pyaar tumko bhi hai, pyaar humko bhi hai , toh ye kya silsile hogye?” plays in background.




This iconic scene when he’s pretending to be blind to impress Seema. Full overacting but in a good way that actually makes you laugh out loud, y’know?!

This movie is full of those scenes actually and it deserves better honestly. One of my favorite SRK films, ngl.




‘l object’ this one scene where Devdas argues with his dad to protect Paro and then leaves his house is chilling. Devdas is not willing to give up on his love because of the status difference and he stands up for it. When his dad says

Aasman me udte panchi aur zameen me ho tairti machli ke beech koi rishta nahi sakta’ and he replies with, ‘Aasmaan me base bhagwan aur zameen me rehne wale insaan ke beech toh rishta dekha hai na’, you feel the pain he’s going through, you can feel his heart break when he says it.


Chak De India


Chak De India is full of iconic SRK moments. But Sattar Minute speech takes the cake. He looks at everyone, and then casually walks around the room delivering the speech. It feels so effortless and real, and it leaves you with a torrent of goosebumps in and out. You actually feel part of the team. ‘Ye sattar minute tumse khuda bhi nahi cheen sakta”

No wonder why the win felt so personal in the end.