When adulting strikes and you have to leave your house for many reasons, here are some thing that you will love when you start living on your own for the first time.

a messy unmade bed showing the perks of living alone
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  • You can stay as messy as you want. Unmade bed? half eaten food? dirty laundry? pizza on floor? sab chalta hai. After all, my room is my room, none of your room!


  • Nobody’s gonna steal your food because nobody can steal your food. You live alone, remember?! “Kitne aadmi the?” “Gabbar bro, zero. I live alone!”


  • It’s your alarm that wakes you up. And YOURS ONLY. Not your roommate’s, not Your sibling’s, not your mom’s bhajans. Just your plain old alarm. And what’s the best part? no one’s judging you for your alarm song either, so you can wake up and dance to London Thumakda like it’s bigg boss ka ghar!
an alarm clock kept on a bedside table, showing the perks of living alone
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  • Wearing no pants ? Who does that ? Oh right, people who live alone!!! yes, biches. Alag hi level ki freedom feels aati hai bhaisahab.


  • If you’re like me, your mom probably said ghar mei ek kutta kam hai jo aur le aaye, well, guess what? now you can finally have your own dog/cat! dunno about you, but this is my favourite thing about living alone.


  • No one else is using the bathroom. Take 20 minutes to set your hair, ‘tere naam’ style if you like, the bathroom is all yours. Ok on second thought, it’s not 2003 pls don’t do that shit.


  • There’s just so much quiet everywhere. Yahan pe bas shaanti shaanti hai, yaha pe bas shaanti shaanti hai yaha pe ba ok, sorry. I love that song. Anyway, it’s so quiet, no younger sisters annoying you, nobody you’ve to listen to. It’s an introvert’s heaven, kasam se!
shadow of a woman sitting on the bed looking outside the window, showing the perks of living alone
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  • Music as loud as you want it to be! You can play ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ on repeat for an hour and cry as LOUDLY as you want. Ya full volume pe ‘It’s the Time To Disco’ pe dance karo. Koi judge nahi karta kyunki kisi ko pata nahi chalega.


  • And this one is the most underrated one. You can keep the AC at whatever temperature you like!!!

Sab tumhari marzi hai, biddu.