Life has been stuck on a mundane track and after going through so much in just a little span of time and here is why we all deserve a little treat and #CookieCredit from @unibiccookiesindia .



  • Because humara farewell gown, graduation gone, the last day in schools and colleges are gone. Naya saree pehen ke photos daalne ka mauka mila na doston ko ek baar phir milenge bolne ka, but phir bhi seh liya thoda.


  • Because mental health ki thodi dahi ban gayi hai having been through everything in the last 5 months, but we still collectively find joy in the most random things like rasode mei kaun tha, and make the best of what we have! (memes & internet trends)


  • Because aadhe squad ka birthday nikal gaya aur ek baar bahar jaake free pizza treat nahi mili, zoom call pe ek dusre ko ghar wala cake khate dekh ke kaam chalana pada.


  • Because plans fitness blogger banne ke the is saal but now the only exercise we’re doing is laptop ko charging se hata ke phone ko charging pe lagana, phone ko haata ke laptop ko lagana. Bas yehi game chalta hai pura din.


  • Because shaadi ka season bhi nikal gaya aur abhi tak free paneer tikka, chilli potatoes, golgappe, pav bhaji etc khane ka mauka nahi mila. Ok yes true I miss food the most.


  • Because pichle kuch mahino mei humne saare streaming platforms ko pura andar se bahar khaali kar diya hai but phir bhi har weekend “koi new movie bataiye yaar” puch lete hai kyunki sexy lagta hai.


  • Because people we used to physically see in the human form everyday in the real outside world, now we see them as a profile photo on whatsapp and other apps. Baat itni nahi hoti, but pyaar utna hi hai.


  • Because aaj kal sleep schedule=con-call =online classes=WFH and honestly, we try to fix this cycle with innumerable alarms (2-2 mins apart) everyday but koshish nakamiyab reh jati hai. snores in #WFH


  • Life might not be all rainbows & butterflies right now, but we’re STILL moving forward everyday fighting our private battles & trying our level best through all the stress, news, monotony, and whatnot!

Tumhe koi credit de ya na de par yeh lo virtual cookie. Give yourself a #CookieCredit because promise, you deserve it and so much more. Thank you for not falling apart. And thank you for helping others not to. A big palace of cookies just for y’all.