Remember in the 90s how almost every movie had a Rahul or Prem or Rohan in them? These names became so popular that 50% of the 90s kids you’ll find around you will be named Rahul or Rohan!

Just like the 90s, Bollywood has found another muse of a name which is surprisingly becoming a favourite amongst all.
say no more you’ve guessed it right!
Kabir it is!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular ‘Kabir’ that Bollywood has given so far. Take your pick!


1.Kabir Khan

No Kabir deserves to begin this list apart from the rude hotness of Kabir Khan (in Chak De India). The ardent patriotism mixed with the strictness of a Hockey Coach along with dashing handsomeness with a hint of obsession in the eyes for World Cup! We all had our hearts coming to our mouth throughout the movie ‘eyeing’ Kabir.
Only if he’d been our P.T. teacher at school, we’d never miss a single day!


2. Kabir Thapar

The Oh-so-handsome Kabir Thapar (in Ye Jawani Hai Deewani) made a permanent place in our hearts when he chose his ‘Dal-Chawal’ instead of all the different exotic dishes for life! The cute, casual Romeo, whose flirting skills made us envy, to a great friend, a loving son, a highly ambitious man and a passionate lover! He had us all wishing for a Kabir Thapar in our lives.


3. Kabir Nayak

The funny, smart and brave Kabir Nayak (in Dhamal) made us wonder if only all cops were like him, the world would have been a better place to live! Throughout the whole rat-chase in the movie, we were constantly rooting for Kabir and waiting to see his next move. Admit it already, Kabir Nayak is the cutest cop we’ve seen so far!


4. Kabir Singh

The blazing love, mixed with the burning fury of an extremely hot geek, Kabir Singh (in Kabir Singh) made our hairs stand on end every time he made an entry! Kabir Singh made us wonder if all the doctors were like him, we’d stop eating Apple altogether!
Who’d want to stay away from that kind of hotness, right?


5. Kabir Anand

Damn, those wits! Kabir Anand (in Bard of Blood) literally swept us all off our feet with his sheer brilliance, amazing action and the stereotypical, rugged handsomeness. A spy who’s on a non-funded rescue mission, with a mindset to find out his best friend’s killer, had us spellbound throughout the series!
Kabir Anand made us entice for joining secret services!


6. Kabir Luthra

This list wouldn’t be complete without the jaw-dropping Kabir Luthra (in War)! Those pools-of -honey-like eyes, looks of a Greek God and body of a solider had us eyes glued on the screen whenever he made an entry! A rogue undercover agent who’s fighting two battles at once made us whistle (read cry) all hearts out at his mould-manoeuvred body every time he was on screen! Kabir Luthra is our most favourite Kabir and we’ve one thing to say to him:
“Mitna bhi hai tumpe aur saari umra marna bhi hai!”


While I am already swooning over all the Kabirs, I hope this article made you swoon too!