While we are stuck in our houses while the doctors, policemen, nurses and media personnels are fighting for us at the front… we realised everyone these days need some time off their brains, just plain mindless laughter. So, here we are listing you some light hearted TV series that you can binge through these days:


Parks and Rec:

Show: Parks and Recreation

It’s like the The Office It takes at least one season to get accustomed to the characters and their vibe, but after that it becomes one of your faves. Bahot sare seasons hai lockdown mast niklega w Andy’s antics.


Arrested Development:

Show: Arrested Development

Perfect comedy series to bingewatch with your sibling. Is’ so low effort cuz of the narration, and it’s ww funny, esp the first three seasons!


The Good Place:

Show: The Good Place

If you’re looking for something new, this is it. It’s weird, existential and wholesome alt at the same time. So many plot twists you’re gonna be all ???. First season is perfect. But it goes a bit downhill after but gets picked up in later seasons

Very easy to watch types.


Shark Tank:

Show: Shark Tank

Ok, not a sitcom but I’m gonna Include it anyway because it’s one of my fav low effort shows to bingewatch. You’ll learn so many things from these experts, plus it’s so friggin hilarious!

Very interesting light-hearted reality series you can binge watch. 10 seasons hai. And for those reasons, you should invest your time in it.



Show: Seinfeld

Sorry, but even Chandler can’t match the self-deprecating humor level of George Costanza, Jerry and Elaine friendship is everything although, It’s a bit inconsistent in delivering good episodes, but I love it still because of the characters.

Very low effort show you can watch without thinking much.


Silicon Valley:

Show: Silicon Valley

TV series made to binge ont a very smart & funny watch, you’ll love the characters and actually feel for them.

Finale aired very recently, you’ll love it!


Brooklyn Nine Nine:

Show: Brookyn Nine Nine




Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

Show: Unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt

If quirky weird humor is your thing.

you’re gonna love it. Such a pure, low effort shows to watch!


And obviously, if you still haven’t watched The Office, Modern Family How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, then pls finish those classics first!