In our this week’s edition of Life ki chhoti khushiyan, a weekly series where we talk about silly, stupid moments of happiness that we often overlook in our lives, we have got the mummy- papa edition covered for you.

  • Have you ever noticed your mummy enjoying her solitude? All the times when she quietly vibes to Mohammad Rafi songs (in no one’s presence) and slightly ticks off a little dance step. Aww, mummy.

Tum kaafi cute ho (especially jab tum unapologetically gungunati ho)


  • And what is this sensing detector that they almost always know when you’re upset even when you hide it like a pro?? or when you’re going through a breakup? They won’t bring it up but they just know heartbreak ka chakkar hai babu bhaiya. And the fact that mummy papa know exactly what to do in that situation (which mostly is cooking your favourite dish for dinner or maybe getting you ice-cream) is A1 level of best friend goals.


  • No fighting on this but mummy ke haath ki hot oil champi is the best thing in the world. She really has some skills that I hope have passed on to me because wowwww. I can’t believe I once spent 500 bucks at a salon for this because it is nothing close to my mama’s constant bickering and “sar sidha rakho!”


  • “Bittu”, “Bittiya”, “Bulbul”, “Gudiya”, all of these cute but borderline-embarrassing nicknames are probably what remind me of home and my parents who cannot stop the urge of shouting it out loud from the end of a public corridor and for the next week my social life goes down the drain.

But now that I think about it, it’s all worth it!


  • Mummy Papa is probably just too UwU because inhe ekdum unexpected intervals mein pyaar aata hai. Has it ever happened to you that you were sitting in your room looking at memes & your parents pass by aise hi & do thoda small talk to see how you’re doing and then give you comforting, pyaara sa pat on your head for no reason at all??


  • Moreover, from a spectator’s perspective, mummy papa and their constant playful bickering with papa’s coming to you to act as the judge-(which is a tough job considering ek side “maine tumhe 9 mahine apne andar rakha hai” ka defense hai) is probably the most wholesome thing ever. Inki bickering kabhi khatam nahi hoti hai, and genuinely, I am glad.


  • All the times when your parents try to emulate a millennial trend or click a selfie, it’s just the cutest thing ever. And especially when mom comes to you to ask how the picture is-haan mumma, ekdum Madhubala.

Really guys, happy tears only. Happy tears.


  • Also, I’d be damned if I forgot all the times when our dads gave us the best “Tumhe sab aata hai beta. Chinta mat karo” pep-talks and when our mothers woke up at 5AM to wake us up for an early revision before an exam and made us the best coffee ever!!! Genuinely, puts Starbucks to shame.

Mummy-papa are the real cuties, the selfless love they shower on us is just invaluable.