On some low, gloomy days try to recall and live through these life ki choti choti khushiyan that we often take for granted. Here’s us bringing to you our list of these choti khushiyan

lavender at home
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Grungy evenings, especially the time just after sunset and just before it’s completely dark. This bluish tint and your favourite songs and fortunately some wind, 10/10 recommended.

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Looking at old Photographs with your family and asking “ye kaun hai? acha, ye kaun hai? mai itni cute kaisi thi?” and oof, the smell that comes off them. Really. The vintage look, the old cameras, questionable dressing sense and your young cute chubby self.

Peak wholesomeness.

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SILENCE. Ji haan. Thodi si shaanti, your favourite blanket, AC at 21° and the crinkly pages of your favourite novel or the tune of your favourite song is the calming beauty we live for 🙂

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Mummy, Papa, Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani, Bhai, Behen, Foofa, Bua, etc. everybody in the same room laughing LOUDLY and giggling where everybody is talking about different things and it’s a whole deal of nothing but at the end of the day, it’s your family together. Alag level ki khushi.



When you end up making the most perfect “5” of your life or start studying from the most organised studying material (with abundant stationery) or probably colour code all your excel sheets and documents!!

Nerdy Khushi.

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A PERFECTLY MADE BED with no creases, no dust, nothing. Bas ekdum smooth bed sheet and lots of cushions after a loooong day. Honestly, irresistible stuff, guys. Irresistible!!!

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The sound of slurping a hot cup of chai with Parle-G. Indian Households can’t survive without this. Also, have you ever noticed the steam coming off it!!!! oof.

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Parde ke through light. Uff. And khaas kar ki tab jab its a bright sunny day and the colour of your curtains are of a light shade. Genuine “Parde mein rehne do, parda na hatao” feels.

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Catching up with an old friend after years and having that “remember when?” talks. Yeh voh friends hai jinke saath aapne last seat pe FLAMES khela hai. And the moment you talk to them after a long time, it’s like coming back home. Just the moment of meeting your old school friends (though virtually) is one of the nicest khushi.

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Just look around, there is happiness bundled up in many little things, learn to cherish them and make life a bit more blissful.