You know you can live the dream of learning from the best when you realise that in Masters Union School of Business, top CEOs and industry experts will teach your classes personally. So, we thought about some fictional characters who could teach us while we would not even blink for a second while they speak.


Tony Stark, MCU:

Not gonna lie, if he were a professor at our college, I’m sure we’d all have 100/100 attendance. Not only is he a Master at Business Technology, but he also is a great mentor in general!


Gina Linetti, Noine Noine:

Listen up fives, a ten is teaching. Who better to teach about Building A Brand than the queen herself?!

Not missing a single class, because



Raju, Phir Hera Pheri:

Ultimate Talent classes, kyunki because ye kaafi difficult subject hai aur bahot hi kam log ise padha paye hai. And he’s one of them.

21 din mei talent double!


Micheal Scott, The Office:

Wait, we can’t possibly have a faculty of fictional characters and not have Michael Scott in it. You cannot learn from books, replace these pages with life lessons.

If he’s taking a business class, sign me up ASAP as possible!


Gilfoyle and Dinesh, Silicon Valley:

I’d choose Elliot Alderson for computer science tbh but he’s too anti social for it. So the second choice is obv these two geniuses.

Their banter would be PRICELESS.


John Keating, Dead Poet’s Society:

Look doesn’t matter what he is teaching, I’m attending anyway.

O captain! my captain! 🙂


Tom Haverford, Parks & Rec:

Worst entrepreneur but nobody knows marketing in today’s age better than him. Also, his classes would be lit AF!!!!


Dwighty Boy, The Office:

In words of Dwight, “experience is the best teacher. Theoretical knowledge is fine and all but no point if you dont know how to apply it in the real world.

Say what you want but Dwight is the most practical teacher.


Jug, Dear Zindagi:

Now that we have some really cool fictional characters for professors, I think we also need a counsellor because college can really be stressful at times!

*Jug enters chat*


Assemble your own Masters Union faculty of fictional characters! Who else would you want on the team?