For a generation that grew up watching Bollywood films like Main hoon na, Jaane tu ya jaane na, Kuch kuch hota hai, it’s no wonder we build up monumental expectations from our college life.

a lecture hall where students are sitting and a professor


We begin to believe college life is supposed to be a grand epic drama where your life unfolds & everything falls into place, when you’ve the most incredible & unforgettable time your tight knit group of friends that will stick with you for life, when you finally have your life figured out and if you’re lucky you also find “the one.”

um, exceeeeeeept, here’s a spoiler alert, NONE OF THAT SHIT HAPPENS.

three studnets focused sitting in a class


Here are some lies about college life we all were told growing up!


“AgaR tUmhaRe BoaRds Mei 90%+ AagayE t0h CoLLEge mEIN ToH you’ll easily Top!!”

  • Ah, my sweet summer child, pls don’t fall for this. Don’t set yourself up for major disappointment cuz it doesn’t happen in college and that’s why toppers have a hard time swallowing this pill. Don’t go into overdrive to recreate your school success. For most people, 60% laana is also a huge deal after first sem!


“FriEnDs YoU make in ColLege STay with YoU fOr lifE.”

  • Don’t get me wrong, you’ll find good friends in college and you’ll have an a+ time w them but more often than not, who bas college tak hi rehta hai. This is life, not Rang De Basanti.


“YOU bEcomE aN AdUlt iN COLlege, YoU will FigUre oUt WhAt You Wanna Do in The FutUre.”

  • adult toh ban jaoge, but figure out karne mei thoda time aur lagega.


“KaAfi ChiLI hoGa, ColLege Mei HomEwoRk tHodi mllta Hal”

  • dost, tum khatam ho jane par assignments and projects khatam nahi honge.
few people sitting in a car, laughing and talking


“CoLLeGE PaRties ArE lit Af BrooOoo0 Socializing hi SocialiZing HoGi!”

  • Of course, you’ll go to parties w your friends like those Bollywood films when you’re not busy doing assignments, projects, working for college societies and crying in gareebi. Yeh unrealistic expectations mat rakhna, socializing toh khair ho hi jayegi.


“College fEsts are The Shizz!! LifE KA BeSt ExPerience HOGA!”

  • HAHA. It’s like Game of Thrones ka last season, bas hype hai, aur kuch nahi.


“AtteNDance Toh DoEsn’t MatTeR in ColLege”

  • ah, a lie as old as time. *cries in DU*



Humara bhi kata tha, tumhara bhi katega. Toh thoda expectations kam hi rakhna, disappointment bhi kam hogi.