Since Phir Hera Phera came out, we as a human race could not have felt any better. Kuch bhi hojaae life mein, Phir Hera Pheri dekhlo..everything will fall back into place.

So, here we thought of listing you some lessons we learnt from the movie:


Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is give them their space. It can do wonders 🙂


Koi dusra tumhe nahi btayega tumhara kya value hai life mei. You know your worth, you set your own value, and you sure as hell shouldn’t settle for less.


Always be humble. No matter how much you achieve in your life or how much money you make but never forget where you came from. Never forget your roots.


Never judge people by their past. We’re all growing, learning, experiencing new things, & expanding our perspective. Know that people can change.


Clear communication is the key to sustaining all kinds of relationships.

Never keep your feelings inside, share them with the other person, but be clear and honest about what you are saying.


If somebody constantly makes you feel inferior, stupid or less than, maybe you shouldn’t be with that somebody!


The most important scheme in life is to actually never trust in people’s schemes.


A group of three best friends is always the best and nobody can convince me otherwise.


Yes we know we’ve convinced you. Now, go watch Phir Hera Pheri again for the zillionth time.