Bollywood movies surely have the stories hyped up around the leads but here are some lesser talked about Bollywood characters that deserve more love from us.


Dear Zindagi


Kiara’s lil bro Kiddo is the kind of brother everyone deserves to have in their life. The one who eats ice-cream with you when you’re sad and stands up for you when you’re being attacked! (At family dinners or otherwise)

That’s what their love was made of – comic books, pulling legs and ice-creams. But most importantly, he understood her. He genuinely understood her. nd I guess, sometimes, that’s all you need 🙂 Kahan se milte hai aise bhai??????



Kal Ho Naa Ho


From your OG Dharma film, Kal Ho Naa Ho – everyone talks about how Aman and Naina should have been together. But in all the hum drum, did anyone notice everything that Rohit did? He loved Naina, he saw her love someone else and he still loved Naina. [crying thumbs up)

He saw her fall apart and helped her build herself up again. And while Aman in the hospital asked Rohit to promise ke “agle har janam mei Naina meri hogi, Rohit agreed. Not because he did not love Naina enough want her, but because he loved her so much that the only that mattered was her happiness and not where/who it came from. He’s one of the nicest & cutest characters and he deserves more love. Bye.


Gautam Sinha

Gunjan Saxena


A senior officer and a mentor, he taught Gunjan Saxena to be both. He made sure she served the purpose that brought her to the Indian airforce – flying!

He did not sugar coat it, or raise her expectations. But he made sure that she flew and that she became the best she could have Life mein, it is the high-stress situations that make us realise what we are capable of and he made sure that his daughter always finds the strength to choose the right solution in those situations.


Chhotu sardarji

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


In all his innocence that boy taught us that silence is bliss, but it is sometimes just as important to speak up, voice your opinions, or cry them into someone’s face, even if they don’t lead to consequences we hoped for, because at least this way, you’ll have one less regret. Speaking about your feelings doesn’t make you seem weak, it makes you seem heard and sometimes even understood.

*continues to taare gin gin gin gin gin gin gin*



Kapoor & Sons


Tia was always aloof and happy, she had this amazing cheerful vibe to her that everyone liked her in an instant. But as we witness the sorrows of the Kapoor family members coming upfront as the film flowed, Tia also opened up about the matter weighing her own fragile heart down. With the regret that she harbored regarding her parents, teaches us how e should always be grateful for what & who they have around them, especially family, cuz no matter what, they will always love you unconditionally.



Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania


To think of it, Poplu was a side character – The hero’s friend. But he was more than that. Poplu was someone Humpty could talk to, drink with, dream with and then make some dirty jokes with. Poplu taught us that you don’t have to be the star in everyone’s lives, as long as you’re leading your own.

And when your friends’ lives are not going right, you sit and you listen to hem. He teaches us that you don’t always need to come up with good advice as long as you’re with your friend trying to come up with some solution together, even if it is the bizarre one.


Rifat Bi

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


The OG therapist and love Guru we all need. And maybe we do have, except that they are not 20 years older than us. But they still bring us de kheer and ask us to eat it chup ke chup ke. They still give us advice that might not always make things right but the intention behind them ni is always as pure as a pearl. Rifat bi was the kind of PG tenant that we all really need. She was a friend, a secret keeper, a guiding light and most importantly she was always there.



Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


Naina. Naina. Naina Na. The ideal bahu for the Raichand khandan wali Naina. The Naina that sent Rahul emails, calls, faxes and even though he did not respond to them, she still hoped for his well-being and understood that he was busy. You know all the memes about the breakup where the two of you were never even in a relationship hurt the most, this movie is the first time I saw that feeling play out on a screen. She taught us that doomed love a part of life, and how you take it to channel your story from that point onwards is always a choice you get to make. So make the one where you grieve, heal, wish them well and move on!

I repeat they all deserve more LOVE !