This Left handers day here are some of the major dukh, dard and struggles of left-handed people.



When somebody sees you writing with your left hand for the first time, they look at you like an alien and often bombard you w questions like –

“Yaar tu sachi mei leftie h? dikkat ni hoti?”

“Leftie hoke itni achi handwriting kaise?”

“Matlab tu right se bilkul nahi likh sakta?”

“Try karke dikha na pls na”

“Mai likhu ek baar left se?? ye dekh lolzzz”

And you had a tiny breakdown when you entered a class and saw these chairs. Matlab college mei comfortably likhne ka sukoon kabhi naseeb nahi hua. Especially during exams!



Aur jab naseeb hota hai tab you accidentally get gel pen ink/pencil smudged on the side of your hand and then accidentally smear it all over your paper and question yourself “why are you the way you are”



Aur jab woh bhi nahi hua, tab a rightie decided to sit next to you and your elbows keep hitting the whole time, it’s a different struggle armspace.

“Khaana bhi left hand se khata hai??” 

“Badminton kaise khelta hai?

“Exist kaise karta hai?” 

“woh bhi left se hi karta hai kya hehe”

 “Ye le scissor.. paper cut kariyo lolzz”

Sometimes it feels like you were born on the wrong planet because nothing seems to be made for you?!

Like this piece of machine – scissors. Kaise use kare isse?



Even smartphones are designed for the comfort of righties. Side Button placements, back camera placement. Lefties kya kare, jeena chhod de? Don’t even get me started on guitars and spiral notebooks!



And that underrated alag hi Khushi when you make friends with a leftie who truly understands your dukh, dard and struggles. Feels like “aur phir aaya is shaitan ki duniya mei ek bhagwan ka aadmi”

“Maine suna hai left handed log bahut creative hote hai..”

“Vaise mera chacha ka beta bhi left handed hai”

“Ye le guitar.. baja ke dikhaiye lolzz”

“Maine suna hai left handed log bahut ameer hote hai”