“Wo dusre type ki zindagi hoti hai jo insaan ko kalakaar bana deti hai.”

Living true to this principle of being an artist, Kumud Mishra has created wonders on scrren with his presence. Here is an appreciation post for all the beautiful work he has done till now.

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“Abbey dil toota hota toh yahan baith ke samose kha raha hota???!”

Bet you read it in his voice. That’s the magic of Kumud Mishra. It wasn’t a big, meaty role but Katana Bhai sure as hell won hearts and made a lasting impact with his “pain, dukh, dard, aansu” and other epic one-liners in Rockstar!

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Followed up with better yet under-hyped secondary roles in films like MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Jolly LLB 2, Badlapur, Article 15. And my personal favorite, his role of Amrita’s father in Thappad. SO BEAUTIFUL I CRI.

l guess there’s something about his screen presence, much like Pankaj Tripathi, Manoj Bajpayee, and a few more actors, that makes everything 2x better.

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Hype or no hype, I think we can all agree he’s one hell of an actor, and tbh it’s no wonder given he’d graduated from National School of Drama and he’s been doing theater for over 20 years now!!!!

You might not know this but still continues to do it because that’s where his heart is, even after all this time (*instantly says “always” because aadat se majboor*)

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Back in 2016, he played the lead role of Charlie Chaplin impersonator in his passion project ‘Ramsingh Charlie’ which unfortunately didn’t get a conventional release because it wasn’t a “commercial film.”

But say hello to the recent rise of streaming platforms. You don’t need unnecessary masala in movies anymore; if the movie is good, people will watch it. Baat khatam.

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And just like that Ram Singh Charlie got a release on SonyLIV recently and it’s EASILY his BEST work so far.

I watched it last night and I absolutely loved his performance! It’s the story of kindness and never giving up on your dreams no matter how chhotu & stupid it seems to other, richer privileged people. If it’s your dream, you don’t give up on it. Period.

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Kumud Mishra himself says that he is more of a theater person, so this movie is like cut-out for him ekdum aptly.

His solemn conversations about life, his hilarious banter with the other characters, coupled with a+ soundtrack, makes it a beautiful film to watch with family. Definitely watch it with your dad, kaafi rona aajayega I promise, full review soon!

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He may or may not get those awards, lead roles or huge fan hype like other actors, but as he says in the film –

“asli artist sabke liye nahi, khud ke liye perform karta hai.. aur phir sab usse dekhte hai.”

Read that again. And again until it sinks in. 🙂