Some movies just stay right into your heart. And some Korean films hence stayed with me, through and through. Here are a few ones that moved me irreplaceably.


Memories of Murder:

A murder mystery based on the true story of Korea’s first serial murders in history, which took place between 1986 and 1991. This movie is one of the best that Korean Cinema has produced and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end.


The Handmaiden:

A con man plans to seduce, marry, & abandon a wealthy unmarried woman, taking her from her uncle & then taking her money. To do this he employs the services of a young pickpocket to work as her handmaiden. The film is divided into 3 chapters, all giving different perspective, each one revealing new information about the characters, providing the unexpected surprises and twist.



Another one of Bong Joon-ho’s masterpieces. This sci-fi thriller starring Chris Evans will make you think about it long after it’s finished.



When a murder takes place in a small town in Korea and the circumstantial evidence points towards her son, a widowed mother decided to take law Into her own hands when she is betrayed by the legal system.


I Saw The Devil:

I Saw the Devil revolves around a detective whose beautiful fiancée is savagely murdered by a vicious psychopath played by “Oldboy” himself Min-sik Choy. The Bollywood movie is a very unsatisfactory effort of replicating I saw the Devil.


The Chaser:

Korean action thriller film inspired by real-life serial killer Yoo Young-chul. The film is about a former detective turned pimp trying to catch a serial killer who is killing his prostitutes. One of the best murder mysteries produced by Korea.


The Man From Nowhere:

After his only connection to the real world, So ml, a little girl who has a drug addict mother, gets kidnapped by a drug and organ dealing Kingpin Tasik Cha then goes on a hunt for the little girl with the movie slowly revealing his dark past and his combat skills.

This movie showcases one of the finest knife fights in the history of cinema.


Train to Busan:

Obviously can’t have this list without tipping hat to one of the best zombie films ever made.


If you haven’t ventured the world of Korean movies, maybe you should start with binging on these films!