Yesterday, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali launched a swadesh text-messaging app called “Kimbho: ab bharat bolega” in direct competition with WhatsApp.

Kimbho Baba ramdev Patanjali
Kimbho in Playstore

But Patanjali communications mysteriously deleted ‘Kimbho’ app from Google Playstore hours after its launch. The app had about 50 thousand downloads and 4 star rating before it was removed. No one from the company has officially spoken about the alleged take down, but Kimbho Twitter account says it’s because of the “extremely high traffic” and they “upgrading their servers.”

But it’s probably not the main reason. It comes right after a famous French cyber security expert, who goes by alias Elliot Alderson, pointed out massive security flaws in Kimbho app. He called it a “security disaster” and “a joke” in a series of tweets. He also says that he can access messages of all users.





Kimbho app deleted from playstore


Kimbho app deleted from playstore

Other users also pointed out that the app is a direct copy of another app in google playstore called Bolo Messenger.

So the only logical reason why they removed the app is because it was a security disaster and Bolo Messenger ripoff. Well, it’s not even surprising tbh.

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Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali recently decided to enter the telecom sector. They launched swadeshi SIM cards in association with BSNL. They promised to offer unlimited calls, 2GB data and 100 SMSes for 140 rupees recharge. Which makes it in direct competition with JIO. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for Patanjali in this domain.

Patanjali Sim BabaRamdev

Patanjali’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala had tweeted last night, “Now Bharat will speak. After launching sim cards, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. Now Whats App will be given a competition. Our own #SwadeshiMessagingplatform. Download it directly from Google Play Store.”

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