Agar room lock karke rone mei maza aata hai toh you’d love these K-dramas as they’ll take you on an emotional ride right from the start to end.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

the lead actresses from the korean show Scarlet Heart Ryeo in a still from the movie

Imagine you fall into a lake and you’re drowning. You are on the verge of death but then somehow you make it. But when you open your hey you’re in another era. You are in the history chapters that you read in your childhood! This drama gives you chills from beginning to end. But more than chills it gives you tears. And that too bucketful! It also has heartwarming moral lessons. The OST of this drama is simply beautiful. Masterpiece!


Autumn in my heart

actors from the show Autumn in My Heart

Make sure you have tissues with you, this drama sure pulls on the heart strings. A heartbreaking story of a young couple who live as brother and sister, later they learn that she was switched with another girl at birth and they’re not related by blood. They are separated, but years later, they reunite and face obstacles when they fall in love. If you wanna watch something that makes you cry till your eyes get swollen, then it’s a MUST watch for you.


Uncontrollably Fond

lead actors from the korean show Uncontrollably Fond in a still from the movie walking on the road

This drama will amaze you with its highly realistic ending. The emotional intensity makes this drama outstanding and hard to forget. The male lead played by Kim Woo Bin is a successful actor. He reunites with his childhood sweetheart played by adorable Bae Suzy. But the twist is that the boy is dying. Some people call it the saddest series ever. Just like its name, his rollercoaster will give you uncontrollable sad happy tears.


That winter, the wind blows

lead actors from the korean show That winter, the wind blows in a still from the movie walking on the road

Most of us have seen the video clips from this drama with the song – haan ho gayi galti mujhse mai manta hoon. The female lead is blind, separated from her mother and brother. Father is under the grip of a secretary who later gains complete household power. Brother turns out to be dead. His gambler friend disguises as her brother and comes in so he can get some money. Hide and seek of truth and facts. This drama gets sadder and sadder with each episode


Kill me, Heal me

the actors from the show Kill me, Heal me

A drama dealing with multiple personality disorder about a business mogul’s grandson, who has 7 personalities, and a female physician who becomes his secret doctor after 1 year of residency. The acting of all actors are top notch! Especially the lead Ji Sung. What a brilliant acting by the main lead. Not just 2 or 3 but he plays 7 different personalities and that too with perfection. This is one of those dramas that will make you gloomy for a long time.

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Stairway To Heaven


A young destined to be together couple has to part because the boy is the only heir of a multi-national cooperation, and prepares himself to study abroad. Time passes and he returns from his studies to get back with the love of his life. But a tragic accident happens. The girl suffers amnesia. She forgets everything about the love of her life and even her name. Not every story has a happy ending. And such is life sometimes. This drama is the saddest of all. Sad from the beginning to the very end. 

Keep your tissues close 🙁