12th Grade Student Commits Suicide After Physics Board Exam

The problem of suicides among Indian students is only worsening over time. In last three years, about 26,475 students have taken their own life in India. To give you a perspective, a student commits suicide every 55 minutes in India.

According to a report by Tribune India, 12th grade student took his own life just hours after appearing for Physics board exam. 17-year-old Karanbir Singh was disappointed over not being able to attempt three questions of three marks each in the exam. Karanbir hanged himself with the ceiling fan at his grandparents’ house. “He came home and told his parents that his exam did not go well. On the question paper, he said he had estimated that he would score 53-55 marks and he was upset that his average percentage would go down.”

He also left a suicide note in which he said he loved all his family members and didn’t blame anyone. Here’s a little excerpt from it:

I am sorry as I could not live up to your expectations and for not being able to fulfil your dreams. I love my grandparents the most and please do take good care of them.

He also mentioned this phrase at the end of his note, “Tuhadda laddu aj laddu chad gya.”

Karanbir’s father regrets asking him about his exam, he told TOI: “On our way back from the examination centre, I asked Karan about his performance. When he said he left some questions, I told him that he should practise writing faster. I wish I had told him that marks don’t matter to us. The only thing that mattered was seeing his smiling face every morning.”

It’s really heartbreaking to see this sad state of Indian education system.

12th Grade Student Commits Suicide After Physics Board Exam

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