With #MeToo movement in full swing, hypocrisy of all the wOkE cOmicS is glaringly visible. Started with Utsav Chakraborrty, the list is now growing everyday with big names like Alok Nath, Khamba, Vikas Bahl, Varun Grover, and many more.

Latest one to the list is Aditi Mittal, who’s considered the torchbearer of feminism by many people. Kaneez Surka, fellow comic famous for her General Fun Gameshow on Youtube, recently accused Aditi Mittal of forcibly kissing her on the mouth in front of hundreds of people. According to her post, she confronted her last year and asked for public apology, but instead Aditi turned “hostile” towards her. However, seeing Aditi getting praised for being active part of #MeToo movement, she decided to call her out on social media.

Here’s her full post. Check it out.

Instead of responding to Kaneez’s accusation, she retweeted her post which has left a lot of people confused.

Up till now only male comics were being outed by people, but Aditi Mittal is the first female comic to join the list. Which is ironical, because she’s usually the first one to call out people’s sh*t. Let’s see how she responds.