Saif Ali Khan Breaks Bad In ‘Kaalakaandi’ Trailer

‘Kaalakaandi’ teaser had my curiosity, but now its official trailer has my attention.

‘Kaalakaandi’ brings the Saif Ali Khan we’ve all been waiting for since a very long time. In this dark comedy, he plays the role of a guy who has never drunk, smoked or done drugs in his life, but still gets diagnosed with stomach cancer. Following his doctor’s advice, Saif Ali Khan breaks bad in a night full of crazy lust and murder filled adventures.




Watch the trailer here:


‘Kaalakaandi’ is set to release on January 12, 2018. Written by Akshat Verma, who is also the writer of cult comedy ‘Delhi Belly’, ‘Kaalakaandi’ is a thrilling dark comedy that tells the story of one crazy night through six characters from diverse worlds.


Saif Ali Khan Breaks Bad In ‘Kaalakaandi’ Trailer

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