Making a movie on India Pakistan relationship is not a new thing in Bollywood and we have seen many movies on this topic. Some of them are on wars, some of them are Love stories between Pakistani and Indians, Some of them are terrorist activities. ZEE5’s web series Kaafir is also based on an Indo-Pak relationship but this time the makers have brought a unique story that we have not seen earlier.

kaafir on ZEE5

Do you know more than 2000 children were raised in prison in India as they had to stay with their mother, who was convicted or going into the trial of any crime? Kaafir is based on one of the true stories where a Pakistani woman crossed over to India and ended up being imprisoned with her kid.

This is a very critical issue, as kids have to stay with mother in prison. The prison environment can have a serious effect on the child, both emotionally and psychologically. At the same time, their development could be impacted due to lack of resources and even education. Such scenarios really pain the heart, on listening to them.

Kaafir on ZEE5


As per the NCRM ( National Crime Records Bureau) of 2015, total 17,834 women are in prison and there were 1,866 kids living in prisons with their mothers. Out of all these kids approx 70% 1310 kids were living with undertrials. There are Supreme Court guidelines on kids kept under prison with mother. However, the ground reality has some big challenges that still need to be tackled.

Hence, it is commendable that Bhavani Iyer, the writer of Raazi, sheds light on this important theme in the web series Kaafir. Based on a true story, Kainaaz (Dia Mirza) tries to kill herself by jumping into a river. But in the process, she crosses the border and ends up on the Indian side of the border. She is then caught by the Indian Army as she is suspected to be a terrorist and sent to prison. Later, her daughter Sehar is born in prison. Focussing on the struggles of the mother-daughter duo in an Indian jail, the story of Kaafir goes through many twists and turns upon the arrival of Vedant (Mohit Raina), a journalist-turned-lawyer. This results in a clash of emotions that tug at your heart and make you think about the world we live in.

Taking a lesser-known yet relevant story to the mainstream, Kaafir deserves to be seen by all. Currently streaming on ZEE5, this Mohit Raina and Dia Mirza starrer should definitely be on your watchlist. Such thought-provoking themes are a rare find in the Indian web space.

So, what do you think about the themes discussed in this article? Have you seen Kaafir yet? Let us know your views on both in the comments.