We All Have A Friend Like Joey Tribbiani From ‘Friends’

1. No matter how terrible the situation is, they always have their priorities straight.

2. Like really, really straight.

3. And they actually know more about you than you do.

4. Even though they look 20 something but they are still mentally 12 year old.

5. But it’s a moo point what others think because they like the way they are.

6. And they couldn’t care less what others say tbh.

7. Because they probably care more about how they say it.

8. But they would try their best even to like your annoying love partner because that’s what true friends do.

9. Except when sometimes they will choose food over your life sorry.

10. But always remember, they will do anything for you when the time comes.

11. And they are super protective of their friends.

12. They will always drop their “wisdomeous” pearls whenever you need them.

13. But. Never. Ever. Mess. With. Them.

14. They are incredible at making conversations.

15. And telling you how much you mean to them.

16. But for real, they give you the best love advice ever.

17. Even though they are lonely af.

If those points reminded you of someone, they are your bracelet buddy from now on.

We All Have A Friend Like Joey Tribbiani From ‘Friends’

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